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Weekly Wrap: Where We Stand Today With the Pandemic, Volatility, and More

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor's note: Read the latest on how the coronavirus is rattling the markets and what investors can do to navigate it.

Editor's Picks
How Worried Should We Be About Social Security?
We put that question to Social Security and retirement expert Mary Beth Franklin.

Our Ultimate Stock-Pickers' Top 10 Buys and Sells
Funds focus purchases in basic materials and consumer sectors.

Avoiding a Long-Term Financial Crisis After COVID-19
Our research analysts suspect that we’ve safely averted much of what would result in a long-term financial crisis during the coronavirus economic downturn.

Slow Burn Likely Until Coronavirus Vaccines Are Widely Available
Resurgences in outbreaks make it clear that ending the pandemic will require more than diagnostic testing, contact tracing, and social distancing.

Morningstar's Guide to Market Volatility
For investors of all stripes, we offer our best ideas on how to take control of your portfolio in turbulent times.

Presidential Elections Don't Matter (for Investments)
The silly season is upon us.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz
Should You Worry About Inflation and Your Portfolio?
Life stage makes a difference.

Is Delaying Social Security Still Smart?
How volatile markets and concerns over the program's finances should affect claiming decisions for pre-retirees and early retirees.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds
A Fine Inflation Hedge From Vanguard
An experienced manager and low costs make Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities a solid choice for inflation protection.

How Did Active Funds Handle the First Half?
Or were index funds the place to be?

Passive Sustainable Funds Maintain Their Momentum
Adoption of these sustainable index funds and ETFs is on the rise in the United States but still lags Europe.

The Best Growth Funds
These growth-focused funds all earn Morningstar Analyst Ratings of Silver or better.

Bond ETFs Are on Track for a Banner Year
Investors have piled into fixed-income ETFs in 2020.

A Framework for Evaluating Momentum ETFs
Navigating the nuanced differences between these funds can be challenging.

Muni-Fund Investors Have Been Their Own Worst Enemies
A more disciplined approach should lead to better results.

Workday's Moat Widens
The company's ability to retain customers causes us to upgrade our rating.

3 Expensive DIY Stocks to Watch
These overvalued names are well-positioned to benefit from the staying power of the do-it-yourself trend, a switch in consumer spending patterns, and an acceleration in homebuilding activity.

New Fair Values for Apple, Tesla After Stock Splits
After adjusting our fair value estimates, both stocks still look rich.

2 China Techs Stocks We Like
And two we question.

How Do FAANG Stocks Look after Market Rout?
Tech stocks took it on the chin on Thursday. Here’s our take on whether tech’s leaders are worth nibbling on.

3 Retailers Ready to Go Back to School
These stores are ready for September stockpiling--and they've developed diverse revenue streams to deal with classes coming online.

Pullback Brings Stocks Closer to Fair Value
Market sells off as overvalued technology stocks retreat, whereas energy still looks cheap.

Stock Analyst Updates
Abbott's New Antigen Test Is Big Step Forward for U.S.
We think Abbott's new antigen test will increase diagnostic testing capacity in the U.S. We are raising our fair value estimate for the narrow-moat company.

Berkshire Buys Back Shares and Adds to Equity Portfolio
The wide-moat company is putting its capital to work, but we believe it will take more for Berkshire to push its cash balance below the $150-billion threshold.

Zoom Again Blows Through Expectations
We still cannot support the current share price within our discounted cash flow model.

Cost-Cutting Helped Macy's Limit Pain From Shutdowns
The no-moat company's operating loss was not as bad as we feared. We view shares as undervalued.

GM-Honda North American Alliance May Free Up Capital
We are not changing our fair value estimate for either firm.

Rekenthaler Report
The Four Levels of Income
One word, several different investment experiences.

The Long View Podcast
Jim Dahle: 'Income Is Not Wealth'
The 'White Coat Investor' discusses how high earners can avoid lifestyle creep and why a minimalist approach to investing is best.

The Short Answer
What Is the Dow Jones Industrial Average?
Recent membership changes highlight confusion around the famous index.

The Coronavirus Pandemic and Retirement Security
Why retiring early in the face of COVID-19 may spell bad news for your plan.

Coronavirus Recovery: A Tale of Two Markets
The U.S. and Canada show the different impacts of market concentration.

My No. 1 Money Lessons
Morningstar experts reflect on the money lessons they would have wanted their younger selves to know.

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