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Morningstar ETF Provider of the Year- iShares

Ashley Redmond

Ashley Redmond: Congratulations Mary Anne on winning Morningstar Best ETF Provider, it's our first year handing this award out.

Mary Anne Wiley: Thanks Ashley.

Redmond: So, I talked to John Gabriel, our ETF strategist that handed the award out, and he told me one thing they really look at for this award is exceptional contribution in the development and promotion of the ETF industry. So, how were you able to do that?

Wiley: Well, as the leader in the exchange-traded fund industry, iShares is committed to responsible innovation when it comes to product development. And to listening to the market and our investors and making sure that we are educating and servicing them in a way that's important and relevant for them, so that they can make better investment decisions.

Redmond: And one thing a lot of investors say about iShares is that you guys always deliver great products at a relatively low price. So, how are you able to do that?

Wiley: Well, we are able to do that through the expertise of our teams, as well as leveraging the expertise of BlackRock - which is the world's largest asset manager around the world - to come up with innovative products that are important and efficient tools for our clients to invest in here at home.

Redmond: Great. And some of our analysts are happy with the seamless integration of Claymore, can you tell me about that?

Wiley: Yeah. We were pleased with the integration as well, and the bringing together of the legacy Claymore in iShares' teams. It's been a tremendous success and I credit that to the fabulous people that worked tirelessly from both organizations to make sure that we came together and continued to deliver to the broader investment community.

Redmond: Great. And my last question, any predictions for 2013?

Wiley: Well, I think we're going to see investors voting for ETFs with their dollars as they have in the past, continuing to invest, we'll see assets grow, and I think that we'll continue to see new products come to the market.

Redmond: Great. Thanks so much Mary Anne.

Wiley: Thanks Ashley.