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Tech Toys, Innovations from the Consumer Electronics Show

Jeremy Glaser

Jeremy Glaser: I'm Jeremy Glaser with We're here at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. Let's see what's on the floor.

Samsung's introducing some new dual view cameras that have a little LCD on the front as well as the back. This one on the front is great for taking a self portrait. It recognizes where you are in the photo, where the couples are in the photo, so it can easily do it.

Samsung does have a model out now that's been running a little bit over $300. These are going to be less than $200 here, so a little bit more affordable. So definitely something to keep an eye out for.

Well, for people who "too big" just isn't quite big enough, Panasonic's unveiled its 152 inch plasma screen TV. It's running in extreme high definition in 4K, which has more resolution than your standard 1080p. Really, a pretty incredible display. No plans to commercialize it yet. I'm not quite sure what the cost would be or who has a wall quite this big, but an amazing display of technology.

Thin is in here at the Samsung booth. The LED TVs are almost impossibly small. They look great from the front, but even on the side, they look even better.

Panasonic, among other manufacturers, is pushing 3D TV here at CES as the next big thing after HDTV. They want to sell flat panels, Blu ray players, all that are completely compatible with 3D. You'd have to wear some lovely glasses while you're watching at home, but you'd get the full 3D experience. DirecTV has announced that they want to carry some of the 3D channels. Discovery Communications and ESPN have also said that they're going to try to produce 3D content.

But you can color a lot of people, including me, skeptical that people are really willing to wear 3D glasses to watch regular programming. It seems like they're just looking for the next big thing after HD to push sales of flat panels, to push sales of new equipment. There don't seem to be that many people really excited about the technology to the point where they're ready to be early adopters and to get it into their homes.

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So we're taking a look at an LG phone here that's running a mobile digital TV, which is using over the air digital signals. You can see that we've got CNBC coming up here. Looks like it's coming in pretty smooth and sharp. It's kind of a nice product. The antenna is maybe an interesting design choice, but I think you get a lot of cool stuff.

They have a few other reference designs. Here's a flip phone, looks pretty nice, and then another larger flip phone that's running on the Sprint network. So kind of another way to get your digital video, being delivered through a different spectrum than the network. You'll probably use a lot less bandwidth than going over 3G. But, a cool product here at the LG booth.

So we're going to take a quick look at the Backflip, which is Motorola's new phone that they released here. Can you walk us through kind of the big features that makes it a little bit different than some of the other phones that are out there right now?

Christina: Sure. We're really excited about our Motorola Backflip product, with Moto Blur. This is the first Motorola Android device with a unique reverse flip design. As you can see, when I flip it open, I've got a 3.1 inch, half VGA, full touch screen on the front. I've got a nice, large keypad here for easy usability. On the back of the device, we have our Backtrack, which is a touch panel that allows you to do navigation and selection from the back of the device. Another great feature about this device is our tabletop mode. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go back to my home screen. And what it'll do is it'll go into an alarm clock mode. So I can use this, sitting at my desk. I can put it on my nightstand. I can use it at work. And it'll go ahead and it'll transfer into clock mode for us.

It's also a video player and a digital photo frame. So, again, you can set this down. If you're traveling, we've got the little flap out tops that come out. You can set this down and you can watch a movie without actually having to hold the device.

The Motorola Backflip also has our Moto Blur service on the inside. So what that does is Moto Blur allows you to take all of your online services, brings them together, it organizes it for you and then delivers it to you on the home screen.

So, for example, I'm going to go into our Happenings chip, and what this is going to show is all the status of my friends. Regardless if they're on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, I can see that information on my home screen. And if I wanted to, I could go in and I can touch and I can add a comment right from my own home screen. I don't have to go in and log in to my individual account separately to see this information. So while I can see the status of all my friends, I can also update my status as well, from my home screen. So I can send out a status, and then I can update it to all my sites or one of my sites.

Glaser: Great. Thanks so much.

Christina: Thank you.