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  1. Some Room for Upside in July Employment

    Wed, 1 Aug 2012

    Lower unemployment claims, a convergence with ADP data trends, and milder seasonal adjustment factors could modestly boost July's BLS job data above consensus, say Morningstar's Bob Johnson and Vishnu Lekraj.

  2. Will January Job Growth Bounce Back From a Dismal December?

    Wed, 5 Feb 2014

    The short-term factors that led to a disappointing December jobs number likely did not entirely reverse themselves in January, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

  3. Job Market Still Slogging

    Fri, 4 Oct 2013

    Lackluster ADP data suggest that August's mediocre job growth likely seeped into September, too, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

  4. A Scorecard for Friday's Job Report

    Wed, 8 Jan 2014

    December employment would have to beat the 190,000-job consensus estimate by more than a little to be noteworthy, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

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