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    1. M* MLP Valuation & Income Growth Updates


      Fri, 13 Mar 2015

      the next two years. For the ones I follow - EPD, ETP/ETE, SEP/SE, WMB/ WPZ , MMP and KMI - there are no great surprises . Fair Value Estimates for EPD, ETP, WPZ , WMB - have decreased (about -5% overall); SEP, SE and ETE have increased

    2. Revisiting Midstream Estimates in a Lower Commodity Price Environment


      Thu, 12 Mar 2015

      years. While MLPs' cash flows are predominately fee-based, firms with commodity price exposures, such as Williams and Williams Partners , will see lower cash flows throughout our forecast period. Additionally, some pure toll-booth operators will see lower

    3. K1 and TurboTax income from line 1 and 2


      Sun, 8 Mar 2015

      question has an obvious answer. My K1 for WPZ reports amounts for ordinary business income ..... 2, or 3 ? Another words, first K1 for WPZ would have line 1 income/loss plus lines 4-20 filled in. The second K1 for WPZ would have line 2 income/loss plus lines

    4. Choosing a "last" MLP


      Tue, 3 Mar 2015

      reviewing lots of MLPs, I'm inclined to go with OKS. Thoughts? My taxable account contains APU, BBEP, EEP, ETP, MMLP, NS, WPZ (plus KMI and PBA). I own some VNR in another IRA. I'm referring to this as a "last" MLP because I have retired so don't

    5. Which core MLPs to own?


      Sun, 22 Feb 2015

      very high tax state. What would be some solid core MLPs to look at in today's env that are not overvalued? I saw mention of WPZ , Enterprise Products Partners, Spectra Energy Partners, Spectra Energy, Magellan Midstream Partners in some threads.

    6. Questions for Cliff and Other MLP Wizards


      Thu, 19 Feb 2015

      I was looking at Nick250's post concerning WPZ and saw the tables with estimated TR for MLP's. I got a beer and stared and stared and the light came on upstairs. What MLP's

    7. WPZ Udates Guidance After Earnings


      Wed, 18 Feb 2015

      20% commodity exposure, but WPZ is not guiding to a 15% dividend ..... According to M* the new combined WPZ has about 20% exposure to commodity ..... changes to my modest position in WPZ . Nick "Guidance for Williams Partners (newly merged MLP) Earnings

    8. WPZ not pricing in PM


      Tue, 10 Feb 2015

      I was wondering when WPZ will begin pricing again in the portfolio manager? The quote page is pricing btw. Thanks, Dan

    9. 'Dividends are irrelevant to return'


      Sun, 8 Feb 2015

      quarter and 8.49% over the same prior year quarter. Those numbers do not include the results of the WPZ consolidation. Including the 'new' WPZ in the computation results in a 1.13% increase over the prior quarter and 7.72% over the same

    10. WPZ


      Sat, 7 Feb 2015

      I think I just got screwed. Can anyone explain the merger  to me?   Thank you,,   Sammy

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