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    1. Dropping Coverage of Telik


      Mon, 27 Jul 2009

      We are dropping coverage of Telik TELK to focus our resources elsewhere.

    2. Telik Still Speculative Investment


      Fri, 8 May 2009

      Although Telik 's TELK workforce reduction activities helped narrow ..... cash) sunk to $57.3 million. The fate of Telik 's former frontrunner Telcyta, which flopped ..... we think an extreme amount of risk surrounds Telik 's future.

    3. Telik Focuses Resources on Telintra


      Thu, 12 Feb 2009

      After Telik TELK unveiled its companywide reorganization ..... the firm is a speculative investment. Telik is paring down its drug-discovery team ..... With resources focused on Telintra, Telik seems to be pushing former lead drug candidate

    4. Raising Telik's Uncertainty Rating


      Mon, 6 Oct 2008

      fair value uncertainty rating for Telik TELK to extreme from very high in light ..... horizon, and a shrinking cash supply, Telik will need to issue many shares next year just to survive. As Telik 's stock price plummets, we think

    5. Telik under Review


      Thu, 21 Aug 2008

      We're putting Telik TELK under review to take another look at our assumptions, in light of the stock's recent poor performance. We'll publish an updated report shortly.

    6. Telik under Review


      Tue, 24 Jun 2008

      We're putting Telik TELK under review as we transfer coverage to a new analyst. We will publish an updated report as soon as possible.

    7. Telik Given Nod on Telcyta Trials


      Mon, 15 Oct 2007

      Telik TELK has announced that it is free to resume ..... approval a long shot. We're skeptical that Telik will be able to improve its management of ..... to enroll any new trials. That said, if Telik is able to demonstrate that Telcyta is effective

    8. Telcyta Data Lowers Our Fair Value


      Fri, 8 Jun 2007

      key data from Phase III trials of Telik 's TELK lead drug Telcyta in advanced ovarian ..... continue until completion, and we think Telik 's failure to announce data in a ..... possible that the FDA could allow Telik to resume trials in earlier-stage

    9. Telcyta Disappoints for Telik


      Mon, 4 Jun 2007

      Telik TELK released disappointing trial results for Telcyta at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting over the weekend. We are

    10. Telik Still Focused on Telcyta


      Thu, 22 Mar 2007

      Nearly three months have passed since Telik TELK announced poor Phase III trial results ..... Telcyta's poor Phase III results, Telik is in the midst of a restructuring ..... that he has taken a 10% position in Telik , but so far, there's no evidence

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