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    1. 5 Emerging-Markets Medalists Weather the Storm


      Thu, 12 Mar 2015

      s issue selection among growth stocks that has driven strong returns. Tech names like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing TSM and Baidu BIDU spurred results. Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index VEMAX had a 12-month return of 4.3% that landed in

    2. Rising Interest Rates, where to go?


      Wed, 11 Feb 2015

      account, also with Vanguard. I'm thinking of moving $50,000 or more from short term bond fund in the annuity account to the TSM , also in the annuity. But wont these rising rates also affect equities as well as bonds? Or is it a question of where you

    3. From Barron’s, January 19, 2015 (Part 1)


      Sat, 17 Jan 2015

      SSNLF ] will be taking much of Apple [ AAPL ] iPhone 6 chip business from Taiwan Semi [ TSM ] by offering more advanced 14-nm chips at the same prices as TSM ’s 20-nm chips. India ’s central bank [RBI] cut rates by 0.25% to 7.75

    4. 3 fund portfolio


      Fri, 14 Nov 2014

      Much material out there on the VG 3 fund portfolio: TSM ,TISM, TBM, would someone share with me the comparable funds (ETF's) at Fidelity? Also, for VG life strategy. Wanting to keep it simple for a 40 year old, who has little interest/time.

    5. A Preview of the 2014 Morningstar International-Stock Fund Manager of the Year Competition


      Tue, 4 Nov 2014

      conditions, including top-25 holdings Shire SHP, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries TEVA, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing TSM , Baidu BIDU, and Avago Technologies AVGO. As a result, this fund has lost roughly 3 percentage points less than the foreign

    6. TSM Taiwan Semiconductor


      Wed, 28 May 2014

      I keep looking at the forward PE Morningstar has of 74 for TSM . I don't understand this figure unless they lose a bunch of business. Compare it to Yahoo Finance which gives a date of Dec.31, 2015 forward PE of 13.22. WHO has a typo?

    7. From Barron's January 27 2014 (PART TWO)


      Sat, 25 Jan 2014

      may be (and cheap it surely appears to be....with $63 billion in cash), MSFT still has no clear direction. INTC and TSM likewise show little reason to get excited. The tech market's next chance for leadership will come Monday when AAPL announces

    8. Inappropriate PM's at Boglehead site


      Fri, 17 Jan 2014

      comment,... “but when SV outperforms TSM as it does most years you have to sell SV to buy TSM while the core fund doesn't. That can be ..... insinuates that the act of rebalancing between SV and TSM produces less value than a DFA core product

    9. Shifting Sands in Foreign Equity Markets


      Thu, 7 Nov 2013

      Technology companies have made some of the biggest strides, with Samsung Electronics, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing TSM , and Tencent Holdings now qualifying as three of the five largest companies in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. Granted, Samsung

    10. Our Outlook for Tech & Communication Services Stocks


      Fri, 27 Sep 2013

      the coming quarters. During its second-quarter earnings conference call in late July, leading foundry Taiwan Semiconductor TSM indicated that there are signs that chip inventories are building up in the electronics supply chain, caused by lower-than-expected

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