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  1. Our Outlook for Tech & Communication Services Stocks


    Fri, 27 Sep 2013

    including smartphones, tablets, and PCs --will ship in 2017, more than double ..... nearing an end. Over the past quarter, Sprint S managed to shake free of DISH Network ..... of some smartphone models, as well as PCs , which will require inventory adjustments

  2. From Barron’s, September 9, 2013 (Part 2)


    Sat, 7 Sep 2013

    on the Attack [Apple ( AAPL ), Samsung (005930.sk), move over. Here comes Lenovo]”. With worldwide lead in the PCs now [having vanquished HPQ and DELL ], it is now going after the smartphone [#2 in China with Android phones] and ..... more traditional dividend oriented ETFs from Vanguard and State Street . The performance has been mixed and lot of the recent sprint came in 6 months following the 2009 lows. William Bernstein says to avoid such ETFs under $200 million. Rick Ferri can

  3. Our Outlook for Tech & Communication Services Stocks


    Fri, 28 Jun 2013

    tablets and away from fixed devices such as PCs and televisions. Moreover, aggregate sector ..... coverage and capacity. The saga around Sprint S has finally reached an end. Softbank's latest bid for Sprint carried the day versus DISH Network 's ..... the amount of capital it will infuse in Sprint to instead send more cash to Sprint shareholders

  4. The Friday Five

    Video Reports

    Thu, 18 Apr 2013

    with an earlier deal for [TICKER:S] Sprint . What should investors make of it? Glaser ..... bit of a bidding war for [TICKER:S] Sprint now. Sprint had already agreed to enter into a deal ..... as consumers just aren't buying these PCs , and instead are looking at tablets and

    PCS found at 5:18

    big drop, that 6% drop off, as consumers just aren't buying these PCs , and instead are looking at tablets and smartphones and elsewhere. This isn't necessarily horrible news for [TICKER:INTC] Intel. Their Atom processors are starting
  5. Our Outlook for Tech & Communication Services Stocks


    Fri, 29 Mar 2013

    closer to closing its merger with MetroPCS PCS . We had thought that Sprint might step in with a bid for Metro, but ..... forward. With fresh capital from Softbank, Sprint Nextel S has pounced on Clearwire CLWR ..... under direct control. It appears that Sprint has spurned any partnership with DISH

  6. Credit Outlook: Sector Updates and Top Bond Picks


    Wed, 27 Mar 2013

    two firms most heavily associated with PCs have moved in opposite directions. Dell ..... have signed off on the merger of MetroPCS PCS (rating: BB-) and Deutsche Telekom 's ..... we still wouldn't be surprised to see Sprint S (rating: BB-) jump in with an offer ..... shareholders vote on the transaction. Sprint also has its hands full with its network

  7. MetroPCS Fourth Quarter a Mixed Bag


    Wed, 27 Feb 2013

    While MetroPCS PCS delivered revenue and earnings that eclipsed consensus estimates ..... moat means there are no guarantees that they’ll remain with PCS long term. The key will be whether the firm can turn the incremental ..... scale from the T-Mobile merger into market share gains from Sprint S and other prepaid carriers. Time will tell, but until we

  8. DISH Gets FCC Spectrum Approval as Sprint -Clearwire Rumors Reheat


    Wed, 12 Dec 2012

    independently while easing the pressure on Sprint to acquire additional spectrum. Finally, Sprint also has to consider the potential benefits of a bid for MetroPCS PCS before that firm's merger with T-Mobile USA. Ultimately, Sprint won't do anything in the near term that

  9. USM's Deal With Sprint Overshadows an Otherwise Lackluster 3Q


    Wed, 7 Nov 2012

    point was its wireless arm U.S. Cellular's USM deal with Sprint S. Today, USM announced it has reached an agreement to sell ..... roughly 10% of the firm's customer base, to subsidiaries of Sprint Nextel. The deal includes PCS spectrum and roughly 585,000 customers, and is likely to

  10. Sprint Starts Small as It Buys Spectrum, Customers From U.S. Cellular


    Wed, 7 Nov 2012

    Sprint S is pushing forward quickly in the wake ..... several surrounding smaller markets. Sprint will pay $480 million in cash and assume ..... quality of the spectrum--it sits in the PCS band, which Sprint already uses for the bulk of its network

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