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    1. Dropping Coverage of Select Medical Holdings


      Thu, 14 May 2015

      We're dropping coverage of Select Medical Holdings in order to focus our efforts elsewhere. We provide broad coverage of numerous companies across a variety of industry groups and adjust our coverage as necessary based on client demand and investor interest.

    2. Select Leverages Healthy Patient Traffic in the First Quarter


      Fri, 1 May 2015

      Select Medical reported first-quarter results that were largely in line with our expectations as it preserved patient traffic momentum in the

    3. FMI Semi-annual Report - March 2015


      Sat, 18 Apr 2015

      http://www.fiduciarymgt.com/funds/shrpt/ sem _shrpt_033115.pdf

    4. Select Extends Its Outpatient Service Network Through Joint Venture


      Mon, 23 Mar 2015

      Select Medical has announced an agreement to purchase a large interest in Concentra, a subsidiary of Humana, which offers services in urgent

    5. Select’s Reimbursement Outlook Remains Bleak


      Fri, 20 Feb 2015

      Select Medical reported fourth-quarter results that were largely in line with our expectations, as an improvement in Medicare revenue per patient

    6. Select Captures Healthy Outpatient Growth in the Third Quarter


      Mon, 3 Nov 2014

      Select Medical reported third-quarter earnings that were largely in line with our expectations, as healthy revenue per specialty hospital patient

    7. Sequestration, Operational Disruptions Weigh on Select’s Second-Quarter Results


      Fri, 8 Aug 2014

      Select Medical reported second-quarter earnings on Aug. 7 that were largely in line with our expectations, with an uptick in outpatient admissions

    8. Select Medical ’s First-Quarter Patient Traffic Proves Buoyant


      Fri, 2 May 2014

      Select Medical reported first-quarter earnings on May 1 that were largely in line with ..... That said, we expect long-term acute care facilities such as Select Medical will remain target of efforts to control health-care cost inflation

    9. Select Medical Reports 2014 Business Outlook


      Mon, 13 Jan 2014

      Shares of Select Medical rose following the announcement of its 2014 business outlook for net operating revenue between $3.05 billion and $3.15 billion

    10. No Surprises From Select Medical ’s Third Quarter


      Fri, 1 Nov 2013

      Select Medical Holdings released third-quarter earnings on Thursday that reflected ..... Medicare and Medicaid Services. Nevertheless, we were encouraged by Select Medical ’s ability to maintain controllable costs within outpatient rehabilitation

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