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    1. BRIEF-NN Group raises 650 mln euros via RMBS transaction


      Thu, 9 Apr 2015

      * Successfully closed a residential mortgage backed securitisation transaction ( RMBS ), raising an amount of 650 million euros in funding from investors

    2. Opportunities in Global Financial Disintermediation


      Tue, 17 Mar 2015

      financial corporate funding (versus 70% in the U.S.), the RMBS market matched the size of the privatelabel U.S. market (approximately ..... backed securities. Residential Mortgage- Backed Security ( RMBS ) is a financial security consisting of a pool of residential

    3. good mgmt letter


      Tue, 10 Mar 2015

      Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities ( “ RMBS ” ) and CMBS markets. The current emphasis of the Fund is on Non-Agency RMBS , which we believe remains undervalued. We prefer the upside potential in the RMBS market with discount dollar prices to

    4. Looking at PTIAX


      Sun, 25 Jan 2015

      investment areas are securitized with 40.5% in non-agency RMBS and muni's at 42%. I've scanned thru the muni listings ..... what I've read on these forums the ratings on non-agency RMBS are questionable since a lot of the bad stuff has already "cooked

    5. REFILE-Ruling crushes Lehman RMBS investor hopes


      Thu, 11 Dec 2014

      NEW YORK, Dec 11 (IFR) - A US court this week dealt investors a heavy blow in their battle with Lehman Brothers, the defunct US investment bank they claim breached representations and warranties made...

    6. Bond Market: Resetting Expectations in a Post-QE World


      Thu, 11 Dec 2014

      volume of outstanding corporate debt has significantly increased. CORPORATE BOND DEALER INVENTORY AND OUTSTANDING CORPORATE DEBT RMBS : Residential mortgage-backed securities. CMBS: commercial mortgage-backed securities. Source: MarketAxess Research

    7. What the BoA Settlement Means for the Bank – and for Banking


      Tue, 16 Sep 2014

      In its settlement, BoA acknowledges that it, Countrywide and Merrill Lynch sold residential mortgage-backed securities ( RMBS ) to investors without disclosing the deteriorating quality of the underlying loans in the securitized packages, leading eventually

    8. RPT-Freddie Mac eyes Europe for risk-share RMBS buyers


      Mon, 11 Aug 2014

      NEW YORK, Aug 8 (IFR) - Freddie Mac is looking to European investors to help anchor its year-old risk-sharing RMBS bond program, which like a similar program from Fannie Mae, has recently been...

    9. RMBS focused CEFs >> RMBS REITs?


      Sat, 9 Aug 2014

      myself thinking/posting that solid RMBS focused CEFs are better risk adjustd return investments than the general RMBS REIT space. I would like to hear other ..... it be reasonable to choose say a good RMBS reit like NLY over a PDI, DMO

    10. Are Prices Too High in U.S. Commercial Real Estate?


      Wed, 16 Jul 2014

      alternatives in structured credit such as residential mortgage-backed securities ( RMBS ). We’ve gone from around a trillion per year of new-issuance non-agency RMBS in 2006/2007 to less than $65 billion since the financial crisis began (source

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