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    1. Bond selection help


      Sat, 27 Sep 2014

      30/70 world. I am pretty aggressive but want to dial back abit now. I currently am 100% ETF and a few stocks, VZ,T, PDLI and GE for dividends. I have looked at the following bond funds and would like opinions from anyone... PIMIX--40% FTBFX

    2. PDLI


      Thu, 18 Sep 2014

      This stock seemed like a good idea up to two days ago when the accounting firm bailed on them due to concerns.  Just before that date both seeking aphla and Motley fool along with others were saying buy. There seems to be other concerns over revenue. It is down over 20% since Tuesday. Should i join

    3. From Barron’s, March 31, 2014 (Part 2)


      Sat, 29 Mar 2014

      priced good growth stocks. Surprisingly, it now has many techs [ FB, MU, EBS, AAPL, CSCO ] and biotechs [ MYGN, QCOR, PDLI ]. These areas have contributed disproportionately to Index’s performance. In future, a boost may come from small-value

    4. PDLI


      Thu, 2 May 2013

      Looking for opinions on PDLI . Good purchase price? Is the dividend safe? What happens when the patents expire in 2014? Thanks. Roger

    5. AstraZeneca Posts In-Line 1Q as Tax Settlement Offsets Patent Losses


      Thu, 28 Apr 2011

      expectations with the risk-sensitive FDA. A favorable tax settlement and a one-time gain from a patent settlement from PDL Biopharma caused EPS growth to outpace the sales decline. While Astra continues to implement a cost-saving plan, costs related

    6. Biogen Gets Aggressive with Facet Offer


      Fri, 4 Sep 2009

      is particularly true given that Facet has traded at such a discount to its cash balance since its spin-off from PDL BioPharma PDLI ; such biotechs are typically expected to bleed cash and fail to generate profitable marketed drugs, and Facet

    7. Dropping Coverage of PDL BioPharma


      Mon, 3 Aug 2009

      We are no longer providing equity research on PDL BioPharma PDLI . We provide broad coverage of more than 1,800 companies across 91 industry groups and adjust our coverage as necessary based on client demand and investor interest.

    8. PDL Cuts Costs in 1Q


      Fri, 8 May 2009

      PDL BioPharma PDLI reported first-quarter results in line with our expectations, and we are maintaining our fair value estimate. Total revenue

    9. PDL Reports In-Line 4Q


      Tue, 3 Mar 2009

      PDL BioPharma PDLI announced fourth-quarter results that were in line with our expectations, and we are keeping our fair value estimate intact

    10. Sale of PDL's Royalty Arm Stymied


      Fri, 7 Nov 2008

      PDL BioPharma PDLI reported strong revenue growth for the third quarter, and we are maintaining ..... the remaining royalty-generating business, still under the name PDL BioPharma , upon completion of the divestiture. It also appears that harsh stock

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