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    1. UPDATE 1-U.S. sues former MoneyGram exec, seeks $1 million penalty


      Thu, 18 Dec 2014

      NEW YORK/ST. LOUIS, Dec 18 (Reuters) - U.S. authorities sued MoneyGram International Inc's former chief compliance officer on Thursday, seeking a $1 million civil penalty and to hold him personally responsible

    2. U.S. sues former MoneyGram exec, seeks $1 million civil penalty


      Thu, 18 Dec 2014

      S. authorities said on Thursday they had sued a former chief compliance officer of money-transfer firm MoneyGram International , seeking to collect a $1 million civil penalty from him for failing to stop fraudulent telemarketers from

    3. MoneyGram Rumored to be Looking For Buyers


      Tue, 18 Jun 2013

      Rumors have surfaced that MoneyGram MGI has reached out to potential buyers. With the company performing well and its balance sheet back in order following the recent

    4. MoneyGram Delivers a Solid Start to the Year


      Thu, 2 May 2013

      MoneyGram's MGI first-quarter results were fairly strong. Revenue grew 7% year over year, with 10% growth in the money transfer segment partially

    5. MoneyGram Posts Good 4Q, But Provides Muted Expectations for 2013


      Wed, 6 Feb 2013

      MoneyGram MGI reported strong fourth-quarter results, with revenue increasing 7% year over year. The money transfer segment posted a 13

    6. MoneyGram Announces Solid 3Q, Legal Settlement


      Fri, 9 Nov 2012

      MoneyGram MGI showed strength in the top line in the third quarter despite some macro headwinds. Overall, revenue increased 5% year over year

    7. Western Union Reports Weak Third Quarter, and Some New Initiatives


      Tue, 30 Oct 2012

      negative impact on the U.S.-to-Mexico corridor, a result that we will be able to better confirm once we see MoneyGram's MGI results. But the company also saw growth in other areas compress, and a decline in average principal sent indicates that macro

    8. MoneyGram Extends Wal-Mart Relationship


      Mon, 1 Oct 2012

      MoneyGram MGI announced that it has extended its contract with Wal-Mart WMT. While we fully expected the relationship to continue, this removes

    9. MoneyGram Reports Good Second Quarter, and Some Legal Charges


      Thu, 26 Jul 2012

      MoneyGram's MGI second-quarter results show the operating side of the business performing well, but the results were somewhat marred by legal

    10. Looking Past Negativity to See Opportunity


      Mon, 16 Jul 2012

      building on the World Bank Grilli and Yang commodity index. MGI ’s index deflates commodity prices using the World Bank’s ..... The four sub-indexes are averaged to create the composite MGI Commodity Index. To read more, you can download the report

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