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    1. A Few Reasons Why Logitech Should Continue Getting Better


      Thu, 25 Sep 2014

      By Harsh Singh Chauhan : Logitech International's (NASDAQ: LOGI ) performance has gradually improved over the past year. The manufacturer of peripherals has outperformed the market convincingly

    2. Dropping Coverage of Logitech International


      Fri, 19 Aug 2011

      We are no longer providing equity research on Logitech International LOGI . We provide broad coverage of more than 1,700 companies across more than 140 industries, and adjust our coverage as necessary based on client demand and investor interest.

    3. Logitech Under Review


      Thu, 4 Aug 2011

      We are placing our fair value estimate for Logitech LOGI under review while we transition coverge to a new analyst.

    4. Videoconferencing Market Is Thriving


      Tue, 29 Mar 2011

      Zacks.com submits: Videoconferencing and telepresence becomes utmost necessity for large enterprises to reduce costs when the economy has started to recover from recession. Business enterprises are restricting their travel budgets as cost control measures. This makes high-definition telepresence ...

    5. Logitech Under Review


      Mon, 28 Jun 2010

      We are placing Logitech LOGI under review as we transfer coverage to a new analyst.

    6. Logitech's Margins Widen During Q3


      Mon, 25 Jan 2010

      Logitech LOGI reported third-quarter results Thursday, January 21. We're maintaining our fair value estimate. Revenues were flat with

    7. Logitech Reports 2Q Results


      Thu, 22 Oct 2009

      Logitech LOGI reported second-quarter results Thursday morning, and we are maintaining our fair value estimate. Revenues declined 25% versus

    8. Another Weak Quarter for Logitech


      Thu, 23 Jul 2009

      Logitech LOGI reported weak, though not entirely unexpected, financial results July 23 in its seasonally soft first quarter. Overall results

    9. Weakness Persists in Logitech's 4Q


      Thu, 23 Apr 2009

      Logitech's LOGI financial performance went from bad in the third quarter to worse in the fourth quarter. Sales declined 32% from the previous

    10. Logitech Reports Abysmal 3Q


      Tue, 27 Jan 2009

      For a company that once boasted 34 straight quarters of double-digit revenue growth, Logitech's LOGI third-quarter report was a cold shower. Total sales declined 16% from last year, with weakness throughout the company's

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