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    1. Dropping Coverage of LIN TV


      Tue, 18 Jan 2011

      We are no longer providing equity research on LIN TV TVL . We provide broad coverage of more than 1,700 companies across a number of industry groups and adjust our coverage as necessary based on client demand and investor interest.

    2. New Morningstar Analyst Report - LIN TV Corporation

      Stock Reports

      Mon, 3 Jan 2011

      Business conditions have improved for LIN, but a high debt burden remains a challenge.

    3. LIN TV Under Review


      Wed, 2 Jun 2010

      We are placing LIN TV TVL under review as we transfer coverage to a new analyst .

    4. LIN TV under Review


      Fri, 31 Oct 2008

      We're placing our fair value estimate for LIN TV TVL under review as we transfer coverage to a new analyst.

    5. No Surprises in LIN TV's 1Q


      Fri, 9 May 2008

      We didn't find anything too surprising in LIN TV's TVL first-quarter results, released Thursday. We're staying put with our fair value estimate. Total revenue was up 1% from

    6. LIN TV under Review


      Wed, 5 Mar 2008

      Given the recent weakness in advertising we have seen from other local media companies, we're placing our fair value estimate for LIN TV TVL under review as we revisit our modeling assumptions.

    7. LIN TV Posts 4Q Results


      Wed, 27 Feb 2008

      On Wednesday, LIN TV TVL posted its fourth-quarter results; we're maintaining our current fair value estimate. Overall, LIN's fourth-quarter

    8. LIN Ends Review of Strategic Options


      Fri, 7 Dec 2007

      On Thursday, LIN TV TVL announced that it had concluded its review of strategic alternatives for the company without taking any action--for now. The

    9. LIN TV Turns in 3Q Results


      Tue, 6 Nov 2007

      LIN TV TVL reported its third-quarter results November 1, and we didn't find any surprises. Total revenue was down 8% from the same

    10. LIN TV Posts 2Q Numbers


      Wed, 15 Aug 2007

      We didn't find any surprises with the second-quarter results that LIN TV TVL posted on Aug. 9. On a same-station basis, net revenues slipped by 3%, largely because of expected lower political advertising

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