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    1. Dropping Coverage of Life Technologies


      Tue, 4 Feb 2014

      We are dropping coverage of Life Technologies as it has been successfully acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific following regulatory approval and is no longer a publicly traded company.

    2. New Morningstar Analyst Report for Illumina, Inc.

      Stock Reports

      Wed, 29 Jan 2014

      recently intensified in the sequencing market and a range of promising technologies exist from powerful players such as Life Technologies LIFE, Pacific Biosciences, and Oxford Nanopore. Illumina must continually innovate in order to keep its technology

    3. Thermo Fisher’s Acquisition of Life Technologies Remains on Track


      Wed, 6 Nov 2013

      Life Technologies reported third-quarter results on Tuesday that fell in line with our projections as strength in research consumables and applied

    4. Life Delivers EPS Growth in the Second Quarter


      Thu, 1 Aug 2013

      Life Technologies LIFE reported mixed second-quarter results on Wednesday that were highlighted by adequate earnings growth despite weak academic

    5. Our Outlook for the Credit Markets


      Wed, 26 Jun 2013

      TMO (rating: BBB, narrow moat) agreed to buy Life Technologies , we downgraded its rating from A+ previously ..... rating: BBB, narrow moat) has agreed to buy Life Technologies , which led to Thermo's recent downgrade. Thermo

    6. Top 10 Holdings of Our Best Performing Ultimate Stock-Pickers


      Tue, 18 Jun 2013

      paid off handsomely this year, with top 25 stock holdings like Biogen, Medtronic MDT, Johnson & Johnson JNJ, and Life Technologies LIFE all up more than 25% since the start of 2013. The fund has also benefitted from its overweight position in

    7. Life Technologies Starts 2013 on Solid Note


      Fri, 3 May 2013

      Life Technologies LIFE posted better-than-expected first-quarter results on Thursday, despite academic funding weakness and global macroeconomic

    8. Thermo Fisher's First Quarter Is As Expected; Macro Environment to Remain Challenged


      Wed, 24 Apr 2013

      performance on the margin and earnings lines, with currency (mainly the Japanese yen) providing a headwind. The company suspended its share buyback program following last week's announcement of acquisition of Life Technologies LIFE.

    9. New Morningstar Analyst Report for Life Technologies Corp

      Stock Reports

      Mon, 15 Apr 2013

      develop a dominant presence. Life Technologies is in solid financial health ..... of management compensation. Life Technologies emerged in late 2008 from the ..... technology to rapidly sequence DNA. Life Technologies , the resulting entity, now

    10. Thermo Fisher Pulls the Trigger on Life; Strategically Sound but Expensive Acquisition


      Mon, 15 Apr 2013

      clearly underestimated Thermo Fisher's TMO itchy trigger finger. Today, Thermo Fisher announced its acquisition of Life Technologies LIFE for $76 per share plus assumption of $2.2 billion in debt, well above the previously rumored takeout price

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