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    1. Round up the usual suspects


      Fri, 16 Jan 2015

      on utility stocks including pipeline operators. The firm ended up owning its first MLP in 1997, when Kinder Morgan Energy Partners , the first major energy MLP, bought one of the firm’s pipeline stocks. At Miller Howard, Mr. Young

    2. Josh's 2014


      Sat, 3 Jan 2015

      were some significant negative numbers for KMP (Harvest) and KMI (Builder). On 3/12/14, Josh sold 140 KMP for $75.00 and 315 KMI for $31.36 ..... was $44,099. If he hadn't sold the KMP , it would have been $48,474 for a

    3. Inputting KMP -KMI consolidation into M* portfolio


      Tue, 16 Dec 2014

      So a bit OT from the normal focus of this forum...can anyone offer some advice on how to input the KMP -KMI consolidation into the M* portfolio manager? With a few different accounts between taxable/Roth/wife/mine variations

    4. KMP ? KMI tax question


      Sat, 6 Dec 2014

      I have owned KMP for 4 1/2 years and each year my tax return has mentioned the amount of passive losses in the "partners ..... combined for all years and the losses used to off-set the ordinary income gain realized from sale of KMP . Thanks!

    5. how to convert KMR and KMP to KMI in my portfolio!


      Thu, 4 Dec 2014

      Has anyone had this issue that KMR and KMP are still in their portfolio? How do you convert that to KMI and keep all the statistics (gains/looses/dividends)?

    6. KMP and EBP to KMI and cash


      Wed, 3 Dec 2014

      Is anyone else irritated with Fido for not getting this done for us ?   Sammy

    7. Hey Cliff - OKE


      Wed, 3 Dec 2014

      Hi Cliff, I'm in a posting mood today. I was wondering your thoughts on OKE now that we have seen this KMP ,KMR,KMI soap opera. No K-1s and its existence might have better odds of it still being around and not getting canabalized. G'hopper

    8. KMP /KMI Deal


      Sat, 29 Nov 2014

      Has anybody received confirmation of the KMI buyout? I own KMP in a Morgan Stanley account and I have not heard what the outcome is. I opted for 100% KMI stock and would like to know what I received.

    9. Why is KMP price still going up?


      Tue, 25 Nov 2014

      It is no more, I thought. Kaput.  Absorbed by KMI.  And yet, it's still being traded? The price keeps going up?  This also means that people are selling it? How can this be?

    10. Kinder results are in . . . . . done deal


      Thu, 20 Nov 2014

      deals are done and expected to close on November 26. Of votes cast, those in favor were: KMI: 99% KMP : 95% KMR: 97% EPB: 99%. For KMP , that meant 64% of total outstanding units voted in favor of the transaction. Chairman and CEO Richard

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