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    1. Cornell Dean advises on starting an Isis Club


      Thu, 26 Mar 2015

      http://projectveritas.com/cornell-dean-advises-starting- isis -club-0

    2. Foreigners seized by ISIS in Libya - Austria


      Mon, 9 Mar 2015

      VIENNA, March 9 (Reuters) - Islamic State militants in Libya seized a group of foreigners at the al-Ghani oilfield last week, a spokesman for the Austrian foreign ministry said citing "secure information" on Monday, adding that they were alive when taken.

    3. Isis Reports Solid Fourth-Quarter Results and Pipeline Progress; Increasing FVE


      Mon, 2 Mar 2015

      We are increasing our fair value estimate for Isis to $61 per share (from $54) following fourth-quarter ..... the end of this year). In its pipeline update, ISIS highlighted plans for its ISIS -APOCIIIRx Phase III program to target partial

    4. Libya official warns on spread of ISIS militant threat


      Sun, 15 Feb 2015

      BAYDA, Libya, Feb 15 (Reuters) - Officials of Libya's rival governments have been in touch over the growing threat of Islamic State militants, a top Libyan security official said, suggesting the fight against a common enemy might help to unite the country's warring factions.

    5. Russia’s Oil and Other Losers


      Mon, 9 Feb 2015

      17% in a rescue bid. Which others can or cannot handle OPEC’s move to depress prices? Iraq and stateless terror group ISIS – the first making money from oil legitimately, the second illegitimately – are also punished. A recent Wall Street Journal

    6. The Future: Better Than You Think


      Thu, 5 Feb 2015

      individual planning for 2015? Recall the 2014 headlines: Ebola; ISIS and graphic beheadings; brutal fighting in Syria, Iraq, Libya ..... shootings; racial divisions; airline tragedies. This year has more ISIS violence and the massacre at a Paris magazine – and a stock

    7. Global Equities 2015: Fasten Your Seat Belt for a Multi-Speed World


      Tue, 27 Jan 2015

      disparities are still pronounced, is also important. The list goes on. And there are new global challenges such as the rise of ISIS and cyber-terrorism. So while there are very real improvements and challenges for global economic growth in the ongoing recovery

    8. Isis ’ Deal with J&J Underlines Broad Potential of its Antisense Technology; Increasing FVE


      Mon, 5 Jan 2015

      increasing our fair value estimate for Isis to $54 per share (from $50) following ..... commercialization costs for the optioned drugs. Isis will receive a $35 million upfront payment ..... products. This deal is consistent with Isis ’ previous partnerships with Big Pharma

    9. The Forecast: All Wrong


      Sun, 28 Dec 2014

      There were talk about valuations or price/earnings ratios being too high, concern about the war in Ukraine (terrorist group ISIS wasn’t even in the headlines yet), and endless noise about unfavorable weather patterns impacting the market. So has 2014

    10. Lessons from 2014


      Fri, 19 Dec 2014

      patience. Geopolitical events, such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the emergence of the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL), took investors’ eyes off the ball and kept many on the sidelines. The media did a great job of exaggerating the

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