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    1. PDI to RQI


      Fri, 20 Mar 2015

      as inflation, forex (US$ rate) and more subjective global issues. This line of probability assessment currently favors, imo , hard assets, such as real property and infrastructure, over debt. It is just a matter of portfolio rebalancing, which

    2. Two-Fold Questions and Advice IRA'S


      Thu, 19 Mar 2015

      about the outcome (cookie cutter solutions) just as I suspected before they began formerly offerring this service in January. IMO , this is really no different than what Wealthfront and Betterment offers. Please correct me if I am wrong. All respones

    3. Fed Conundrum!


      Sat, 14 Mar 2015

      but there is reason to suspect Janet will have to do some "fancy pageant walking" during the press conference on Wednesday. IMO Fed is between a rock and a hard place. Five+ years into the "recovery" with a couple quarters of 4-5%-ish GDP (sadly

    4. RQI


      Mon, 9 Mar 2015

      Board of Directors of the Fund may amend, terminate or suspend the managed distribution policy at any time, which could have an adverse effect on the market price of the Fund's shares. -------- These are significant increases imo .

    5. Great day for...


      Fri, 6 Mar 2015

      picking up some interest rate sensitive CEF imo : eg munis, REITs, utes

    6. Portfolio Allocation Question. Positioning for Retirement


      Mon, 2 Mar 2015

      just a bit too aggressive for someone approaching retirement and not having a Pension only Social Security and the Investments ( IMO ). The advice may be exactly correct, but it's taking some getting used to as I assumed a more conservative or balanced approach

    7. Letter to Shareholders


      Sat, 28 Feb 2015

      I always enjoy reading the letters to shareholders. Buffett's writing style IMO is wonderful, it's like getting a letter from an old friend, which is his objective. I laughed out loud at the last scentence

    8. The President is going after FINA and the Brokers for retirement accounts!


      Tue, 24 Feb 2015

      Post #3621945 Obama Targets Brokers Handling Retirement Accounts - DailyFinance IMO ? Generally? IMO ? I think its been Way over due. . - At the least? All Pensions and #401ks Co. Plans should offer Index & Balanced

    9. In Search of Sustainable (Equity) Dividends


      Sat, 21 Feb 2015

      attached to." It's fairly basic stuff that Clair talks about, but is well said and has some good reminders for some folks IMO . A bit of preaching to the choir for some of us but worth a look. The link is here . Nick PS - MO came up in the conversation

    10. Investing in high yield energy in uncertain times


      Sat, 14 Feb 2015

      that outcomes become highly uncertain, IMO , it is prudent to reexamine ones strategy with the intention of lowering risk*. IMO , if lower risk can be achieved while still ..... termed a Win, Win Strategy. Fortunately, IMO , such a Win, Win Strategy is available

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