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    1. Illumina Set for Another Strong Year Following Impressive 1Q Results


      Wed, 22 Apr 2015

      Illumina 's 28% revenue and 71% non-GAAP earnings ..... value estimate at this time. Although Illumina continues to take market share with few ..... strong growth and margin expansion for Illumina . While results for this quarter remained

    2. Illumina Ends Year on Strong Note With Ongoing Momentum for 2015


      Tue, 27 Jan 2015

      to our $220 fair value estimate for Illumina as the company’s strong growth trajectory ..... tone. While the impressive launches of Illumina ’s HiSeq X and NextSeq systems in 2014 ..... the near-term horizon that can offset Illumina ’s execution in the research and clinical

    3. Leader in Genomic Sequencing Illuminates the Way


      Wed, 14 Jan 2015

      leader in genomic sequencing, Illumina ILMN faces an impressive growth opportunity ..... markets. Accelerating demand for Illumina 's products combined with operating ..... high earnings growth. Although Illumina management's preview of 20

    4. Illumina's 2015 Expectations Appear Conservative as Long-Term Growth Potential Remains Intact


      Tue, 13 Jan 2015

      Although Illumina management's preview of 20% revenue growth and ..... among all instrument product lines should enable Illumina to outpace 20% growth during 2015. Additionally, Illumina will begin selling the HighSeq X in a smaller five

    5. 3 Big Moat Rating Changes From 2014

      Video Reports

      Tue, 6 Jan 2015

      you, Jeremy. Glaser: Let's start with [TICKER: ILMN ] Illumina ( ILMN ). They are a genetics-testing company. We upgraded ..... hurdle is 20 years or more into the future. And with Illumina , they have driven down the cost of sequencing to the

      Illumina ILMN found at 0:15

      thanks for joining me. Elizabeth Collins: Thank you, Jeremy. Glaser: Let's start ILMN Illumina ( ILMN ). They are a genetics-testing company. We upgraded their moat this year. What was behind that change? Collins: Although this is a young
    6. Tuttle Tactical Management Weekly Market Notes


      Wed, 5 Nov 2014

      Illumina ILMN reported second-quarter results Tuesday ..... well ahead of our current forecast. Illumina 's instrument revenue was particularly ..... experiments. The more instrument sales Illumina generates in its early years, the more

    7. Market Penetration of Illumina ’s Genome Sequencing Technology Supports Impressive Growth Stride


      Tue, 21 Oct 2014

      expect a minor increase to our fair value estimate for Illumina as the firm's impressive pace of 35% revenue and ..... clinical markets will remain strong tailwinds for Illumina . Illumina ’s ability to drive innovation, regulatory approvals

    8. A Shift in Health-Care M&A Activity


      Sat, 23 Aug 2014

      eventually, we believe it could be a long-term positive for ICON by driving greater outsourcing. Waterhouse : I think Illumina ILMN is an interesting company. We think llumina is currently monopolizing the genome sequencing space. This industry

    9. Illumina ’s Growth and Margin Expansion Momentum Remain Impressive


      Thu, 24 Jul 2014

      Illumina posted impressive second-quarter results that ..... estimate. We think plenty of tailwinds remain for Illumina over the coming years as the genome sequencing market continues to expand, Illumina takes market share, and upcoming regulatory

    10. Qiagen Still Faces Pressure From U.S. HPV Market, Expects More Sequencing Delays


      Thu, 8 May 2014

      the market in mid- to late 2015, considerably behind our own estimate and management's previous expectations. We think Illumina 's recent advances in the sequencing market combined with Qiagen's further delays will make it harder for the company to

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