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  1. Rebalance IRA Potfolio


    Sun, 26 Jan 2014

    morningstar xray shows; 7% cash, us equities %67, foreign equities %22, Bonds 3%. Was thinking, adding more to fundamental inv, add smallcap. Not sure how (Capital income builder,Bond fund or income fund would due. Any ideas? HT

  2. Limoman-insulation


    Tue, 18 Sep 2012

    insulation-radiant-vapor-barriers/378776-insulate-garage-ceiling-install-new-bedroom-windows-do-first. ht What's the history on your house? Do you get ice dams? Has the attic been insulated and air sealed? Reason I ask is that

  3. Japan's Revenge: The United States Of Hypocrisy?


    Thu, 5 Nov 2009

    is backwards . By moving slowly , the FDIC is tainting all small banks and making it more difficult for them to raise capital ( ht Pat ) . In addition , healthy banks are holding on to capital to try to buy assets from the FDIC at a discount , compared to the

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