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    1. New Tullett Prebon Management Will Hopefully Bring More Change To The Industry


      Thu, 17 Jul 2014

      expanded into the real estate brokerage space, while ICAP and GFI Group have been retrenching their voice broking business. It’s generally ..... The poor operating environment, leadership transition at GFI Group last year, pending CEO change at Tullett Prebon, and excess

    2. New Morningstar Analyst Report for GFI Group Inc

      Stock Reports

      Thu, 29 May 2014

      interdealer broker industry consolidates, GFI Group is more likely to be an acquisition target ..... CEO. Colin Heffron has been the CEO of GFI Group since early 2013. During his more than ..... Leading up to the financial crisis, GFI Group and other interdealer brokers produced

    3. ICAP’s Electronic Businesses Should Buffer Relatively Weak First Calendar Quarter Voice Broking


      Mon, 5 May 2014

      remains one of the most profitable in its industry. After the released results of interdealer broker peers BGC Partners and GFI Group , we can say a little bit more about ICAP’s brief preclose trading statement. ICAP’s 14% decline in Global Broking

    4. Modestly Positive Results in GFI Group ’s 1Q Give the Firm More Room to Wait for a Recovery


      Wed, 30 Apr 2014

      Following GFI Group 's modestly positive first-quarter ..... session revenue from the previous year-- GFI Group has a better chance of digging itself ..... to its debt covenant limits. Though GFI Group has already gone through rounds of expense

    5. Nearly Break-Even 3Q Results Show the Results of GFI Group ’s Cost-Savings Plan


      Tue, 29 Oct 2013

      GFI Group reported a net loss to common shareholders of $461,000, $0.00 per share ..... the current downturn until trading volumes and earnings pick up. While GFI Group and other platforms received temporary registration approval from the CFTC

    6. ICAP Receives Temporary SEF Approval; Being Incumbent Has Advantages and Disadvantages


      Mon, 30 Sep 2013

      temporary registration approval from the CFTC for its Swap Execution Facility, or SEF. Interdealer broker peers BGC Partners and GFI Group were also recently approved. While there will be many SEFs in the next couple of years, we believe the field eventually may

    7. ICAP Releases Trading Statement; SEF Impact Unknown


      Fri, 27 Sep 2013

      of incumbent players, such as ICAP. Management expects, and we do also, that the company will soon receive temporary SEF registration approval, as interdealer broker peers BGC Partners and GFI Group have recently been approved.

    8. BGC Partners Receives Temporary SEF Approval


      Fri, 20 Sep 2013

      Futures Trading Commission for its swap execution facility. Other companies that have received temporary SEF approval include GFI Group , Bloomberg, Tradeweb, and MarketAxess. All interdealer brokers will probably end up operating SEFs, so as not to lose

    9. Changing Our Morningstar Economic Moat Trend Rating for GFI Group to Negative


      Tue, 17 Sep 2013

      We are changing our economic moat trend rating for GFI Group to negative from stable. The foreseeable impact of financial regulations passed since the financial crisis is lower voice-brokered

    10. MarketAxess Receives Temporary SEF Approval; 3Q Earnings to Take a Step Back


      Mon, 16 Sep 2013

      its swap execution facility. Other companies that have received temporary SEF approval include Bloomberg, Tradeweb, and GFI Group . We expect that many SEFs will emerge in the next year or two, but the field may eventually be narrowed down to a handful

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