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    1. From Barron's January 27 2014 (PART TWO)


      Sat, 25 Jan 2014

      earnings-per-share (and subsequently boost executive bonuses!) is to buy back more shares. BULLISH ARTICLES : AZZ, URBN GWR ETFs: BE careful with highly specialized funds like FIGY(and its extremely concentrated ownership) or leveraged funds like

    2. Crude By Rail Growth Slows, but Agricultural Shipments Recover in G&W's 3Q


      Fri, 1 Nov 2013

      rail drove combined same-rail growth. Although variable in nature, crude by rail remains an attractive growth avenue for GWR , as the firm still sees opportunities to serve new customers/projects on this front. The ongoing ramp-up of iron ore shipments

    3. Crude Oil Shipments Help Offset Sluggish Steel Traffic in Genesee & Wyoming's 1Q


      Wed, 1 May 2013

      On a combined basis (including Rail America's results from last year), Genesee & Wyoming GWR generated same-railroad revenue growth of about 8% in the first quarter, reflecting an 11% rise in freight revenue, tempered

    4. Genesee & Wyoming's Outlook Remains Favorable Following 4Q Results; Placing Under Review


      Wed, 13 Feb 2013

      America acquisition/integration costs), GWR 's operating ratio improved 400 basis points ..... acquired Oct. 2012) is being integrated into GWR ’s operations, given regulatory approval ..... are placing our fair value estimate for GWR under review as we incorporate full-year

    5. Genesee & Wyoming Reports Decent Third-Quarter Results; Placing Under Review


      Mon, 5 Nov 2012

      Genesee & Wyoming's GWR same-railroad revenue was about flat with the same period last year, as a 1% rise in freight revenue was offset by modestly

    6. Genesee & Wyoming Reports Second-Quarter Results


      Thu, 2 Aug 2012

      Genesee & Wyoming GWR generated same-railroad revenue year-over-year growth of 1% in the second quarter, reflecting a 3% rise in freight revenue

    7. RailAmerica Reports Second-Quarter Results


      Wed, 25 Jul 2012

      the company's long-term prospects are largely tracking our previous assumptions. We are maintaining our $27.50 fair value estimate, which reflects RailAmerica's recent agreement to be acquired by competitor Genesee & Wyoming GWR .

    8. Raising Our Fair Value Estimate for RailAmerica to Reflect Acquisition


      Tue, 24 Jul 2012

      from $20) to reflect RailAmerica's RA agreement to be purchased by competing short-line rail operator Genesee & Wyoming GWR . We anticipate shareholder approval given that majority owner, Fortress Investment Group, has provided its consent to the

    9. Genesee & Wyoming Scoops Up Competitor RailAmerica


      Mon, 23 Jul 2012

      Short-line railroads Genesee & Wyoming GWR and RailAmerica RA have reached an agreement whereby G&W intends to purchase RailAmerica for $27.50 per share, or $1.4

    10. Genesee & Wyoming Reports First-Quarter Results


      Tue, 1 May 2012

      In the first quarter, Genesee & Wyoming GWR posted same-railroad revenue growth of 5%, reflecting a 3% rise in core freight revenue, a 5% increase in core nonfreight

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