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    1. Macrovision Reports 4Q Results


      Mon, 31 Mar 2008

      Macrovision to reduce the amount of debt it plans to raise (around $600 million) to complete the acquisition of Gemstar-TV Guide GMST . The reclassification of the software and games segments makes overall year-over-year revenue growth comparisons irrelevant

    2. We See Value in Macrovision's Shares


      Mon, 14 Jan 2008

      Despite the stock price slump that Macrovision MVSN has endured following the recent announcement of its Gemstar TV-Guide GMST acquisition, we believe that the company's shares have been unduly punished. Management's vision to complement the firm

    3. Macrovision to Acquire Gemstar


      Fri, 7 Dec 2007

      Macrovision MVSN announced Friday that it plans to acquire Gemstar-TV Guide GMST , a global company that provides television content information and home entertainment services, for $6.35 per share in a combination

    4. Dropping Coverage of Gemstar


      Wed, 30 Aug 2006

      We'll be dropping coverage of Gemstar-TV Guide GMST as we allocate resources to other areas.

    5. Gemstar-TV Guide's 1Q Improves


      Mon, 8 May 2006

      Gemstar - TV Guide International GMST posted its first-quarter results, and we're maintaining our fair value estimate of $3 per share. Total revenue of $144

    6. Gemstar Fires CFO


      Fri, 20 Jan 2006

      Gemstar-TV Guide GMST has fired CFO Brian D. Urban, the latest management change during a very tumultuous period for the company. While we won't

    7. Gemstar's Woes Continue


      Wed, 23 Nov 2005

      Gemstar-TV Guide's GMST recently reported third-quarter results didn't surprise us, so we're staying with our fair value estimate of $3 for each

    8. Lowering Gemstar's Fair Value


      Wed, 31 Aug 2005

      After digesting Gemstar - TV Guide International 's GMST decision to redesign its flagship TV Guide magazine, along with its recent second-quarter results, we've lowered our fair

    9. Gemstar Revamping TV Guide


      Tue, 26 Jul 2005

      Gemstar - TV Guide International GMST announced plans Tuesday to transform its TV Guide magazine. The new full-size, full-color magazine will have more features

    10. Gemstar's Fair Value Raised


      Mon, 24 Jan 2005

      We're increasing our fair value estimate for Gemstar - TV Guide International GMST to $3.50 per share from $1.50. The biggest driver of our change is how we are accounting for the $440 million of upfront

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