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    1. FEATURE-Voodoo priests, doctors on frontline of Haiti's mental healthcare


      Fri, 9 Jan 2015

      PORT-AU-PRINCE, Jan 9 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Five years after a massive earthquake rocked Haiti, killing more than 200,000 people and reducing homes to rubble, few survivors would say they were traumatised or suffering depression as a result of the disaster.

    2. Book Talk: War on Afghan frontline , by a female soldier


      Wed, 17 Dec 2014

      KABUL, Dec 18 (Reuters) - Chantelle Taylor is a former combat medic who fought in one of Britain's bloodiest battles in Afghanistan and wrote about her experience as a rare woman on the front line.

    3. Migration stripping Pacific Islands of climate change know-how


      Thu, 11 Dec 2014

      SYDNEY (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Many small Pacific Island states on the frontline of sea level rise and disaster threats are facing a shortage of the scientists, skilled professionals and technical experts they

    4. Bad Bet: 10-Year Treasuries


      Thu, 15 May 2014

      deeper realignment of its cost structure, as well as a more thoughtful recalibration of the incentives needed to motivate its frontline sales representatives. Avon's $500 million restructuring is on track to yield more than $300 million in savings, but

    5. What Forecasts to Believe


      Thu, 6 Feb 2014

      control versus worrying about what the market will or won’t do. Investment expenses. Morningstar, last year’s PBS Frontline program The Retirement Gamble and many other sources highlight the corrosive effect that high-cost investments have on your

    6. Sanofi Posts Mixed 4Q and Issues Disappointing 2014 Guidance, but No Change to Fair Value


      Thu, 6 Feb 2014

      rejection of Lemtrada in the U.S. Further, we expect the fourth-quarter weakness in animal health will continue into 2014 due to generic pressure on key product Frontline , but new product launches should alleviate part of the pressure.

    7. Washington's Big New Retirement Proposal


      Mon, 3 Feb 2014

      Strange. When PBS attacked 401(k)s last spring in its " Frontline " documentary, "The Retirement Gamble," all three websites ..... addresses many, if not all, of the criticisms made in that " Frontline special," his announcement is met by ... silence. The

    8. ETF Price Wars: A Good Thing?


      Thu, 14 Nov 2013

      they be the deciding factor in your decision where to invest? Not really. To be sure, as we’ve learned from the PBS Frontline special “ The Retirement Gamble ,” among other sources, low investment costs are key to accumulating a sufficient retirement

    9. work conditions at amazon


      Wed, 13 Nov 2013

      conditions at a Chinese factory. I would like to confirm the veracity of this report and if it turns out to be true I will end my relations with Amazon. I have written directly to Amazon and am waiting fro their reply. all the best to all, Sammy

    10. Managed-Futures Funds: A Mess


      Fri, 1 Nov 2013

      masse in the first half of the year, and then fell in the second half. Since then, though, commodities have bounced to and fro , leaving managed-futures funds chasing their tails. So far, one could blame the category's results on bad fortune. That

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