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    1. Anyone else having trouble with IRMAA?


      Wed, 3 Dec 2014

      charge. So do I owe for 2014 because I was over the limit in 2013 or am I clear since I was under in 2014? I don't envy SSA having to administer this. An income-based charge that depends on two year old income records is a nightmare. DrH

    2. When Volatility Rises, So Have Active Management Relative Results


      Thu, 6 Nov 2014

      DiamondRock Hospitality DRH announced second-quarter results July 25 that met our expectations. Our fair value estimate is unchanged. The firm's strategy

    3. DrH ?


      Sat, 4 Oct 2014

      DrH , I'm posting this here because I definitely know you read this forum. If bleach and hand sanitizers are all that is needed

    4. FT Article on M*


      Mon, 18 Aug 2014

      in the article--such as the fact that the big mutual funds now all have staff members who are essentially M* lobbyists. It's an interesting world. Note: If you don't subscribe to the FT you can still read 10 articles a month free. DrH

    5. Timothy Geithner's "Stress Test"


      Sun, 29 Jun 2014

      effect a giant run on the world's banks even though that meant, in a sense, rewarding the people who set the fire. I hope some of the rest of you have read this book or will read it. I'm amazed that this is the first post on the topic. DrH

    6. FutureAdvisor: On line portfolio advice


      Fri, 27 Jun 2014

      into TIPS--presumably getting the $s by selling my good OEFs (and "saving money") in the process. This sort of service seems to be a new phenomenon. Has anyone else run into it? This firm has good ratings from the usual suspects. DrH

    7. Robert Shiller on Coursera


      Mon, 17 Feb 2014

      want. This is the second time this material has been presented as an online course--my sense is that Yale and Coursera between them have polished the material and the program will be interesting. Hank Greenberg is this weeks guest speaker. DrH

    8. Chapter 2 of default rates and credit spreads ; how to monitor HY


      Sat, 18 Jan 2014

      include some of the big ones like consumer sentiment? Housing starts? What about the Index of Leading Economic Indicators (LEI)? All suggestions welcome; what do the rest of you plan to do about your bond funds with lower credit rastings? DrH

    9. Is liquidity our next problem? (Capecod and others)


      Sun, 10 Nov 2013

      fast. So should we worry? Is this the next crisis? Or is the evolution from traders shouting at each other over the phone to computers just making deals an inevitable, and beneficial development? Let's hear it for bond traders, Dick! DrH

    10. Medicaid compliant annuities from FIDO?


      Wed, 23 Oct 2013

      purchase as her sole investment choice (!) and even raised questions of fraud with her. Obviously, she can buy through the salesman and may have to but I hope there might be some way get Fidelity to deal with the issue. Suggestions welcome. DrH

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