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    1. In Dividends We Trust – Payout Ratios Low By Historical Standards


      Mon, 27 Feb 2012

      7.18): 7.0% – Retailing Navios Maritime Holdings (NM – $3.88): 6.2% -Transportation Diamond Offshore Drilling (DO – $67.19): 5.2% – Energy Exelon Corp (EXC – $39.27): 5.3% – Utilities World Wrestling

    2. Loews' 2Q Hurt by Results at CNA


      Mon, 1 Aug 2011

      periods' loss estimates) at CNA Financial CNA. These declines were partially offset by higher earnings at Diamond Offshore Drilling DO, primarily due to an increase in utilization of high-specification floaters. For investors interested

    3. Credit Rating Downgrade: Diamond Offshore Drilling


      Sun, 3 Apr 2011

      Morningstar is downgrading its issuer credit rating on Diamond Offshore Drilling DO by two notches, to BBB+ from A. This reflects our assessment that Diamond's Business Risk has increased as a result of

    4. Loews Reports 3Q


      Mon, 1 Nov 2010

      hurt by lower net investment income from reduced limited partnership income at CNA and lowering earnings at Diamond Offshore Drilling DO. Book value per share--an important metric for holding companies such as Loews--increased 4% in the

    5. Diamond Slashes Dividend Again


      Thu, 22 Jul 2010

      Diamond Offshore Drilling 's DO second-quarter results were affected by weak jackup and mid-water markets. Revenue declined 13% to $822 million from

    6. Diamond Offshore Reduces Special Dividend


      Thu, 22 Apr 2010

      Diamond Offshore Drilling 's DO first - quarter results were unremarkable , except that the firm reduced its special dividend to $ 1 . 375 per share from

    7. New Credit Rating: Diamond Offshore


      Mon, 22 Mar 2010

      Morningstar is initiating credit coverage of Diamond Offshore Drilling DO with an A rating , reflecting the general safety of this credit due to the firm's high ongoing cash flows and reasonable debt

    8. Diamond Offshore Buys Rig


      Fri, 26 Jun 2009

      Diamond Offshore Drilling DO announced Thursday that it had completed the purchase of the semisubmersible PetroRig I from the Jurong Shipyard for $460 million

    9. Loews Reports 1Q Loss


      Mon, 4 May 2009

      results are driven, in total, by its operating subsidiaries, including public subsidiaries CNA Financial CNA, Diamond Offshore Drilling DO, and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners BWP. The company recognized aftertax write-downs in a number of its

    10. Loews Reports 3Q Hurt by CNA


      Mon, 27 Oct 2008

      cash in the future. While CNA struggled in the third quarter, results for Loews's other public subsidiaries Diamond Offshore Drilling DO and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners BWP were relatively strong. Loews agreed to purchase up to $1 billion in

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