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  1. Boosting Denmark wind power will require more links -operator


    Fri, 20 Mar 2015

    OSLO, March 20 (Reuters) - Expanding wind power further in Denmark will required establishing more international links to help handle the volatility in supply from turbines, transmission system operator Energinet. dk said on Friday.

  2. What Happened to Hedge Fund Alpha?


    Wed, 23 Jul 2014

    the biggest impact on hedge fund returns? DK : From our observations of the data, many ..... extent and frequency of portfolio drawdowns. DK : Because it is not style-factor dependent ..... volatility and aided risk-adjusted returns. DK : Before we launched GAR, we had to convince

  3. Broken Mirror: Better Times Ahead for Emerging Markets?


    Tue, 25 Mar 2014

    since 2007 that explains their disappointing cumulative returns? DK : Some critics claim that many emerging markets currently suffer ..... banking system is far smaller than in most other major economies. DK : We are watching this situation carefully. China has enjoyed tremendous growth in household wealth

  4. From Barron’s, October 28, 2013 (Part 1)


    Sat, 26 Oct 2013

    potential to grow dividends ] are outperforming as a group ; attractive based solely on those two factors are AL, HFC, NCT, UVE, DK , ESV, UVV, CVX, AGU, STX [ 1-yr returns for the list ranges from -26% for NCT to +82% for UNV ]. Don’t play musical chairs with the former

  5. Income at the Right Price


    Fri, 31 May 2013

    aversion most acute in Europe, the valuation dispersion between these sectors in those markets is also at a 10-year high. DK : In emerging markets, some of this discount is justified. Energy companies in China and India trade at valuation discounts to global

  6. Begging For Trouble


    Wed, 22 Aug 2012

    P = D/(k-g) with respect to k, and calculating the elasticity of price to changes in the gross return: (dP/P)/{ dk /(1+k)}].<PAGEBREAK> Consider investors who bought stocks back in 1999 when the price/dividend ratio was 70. Those investors were assured that the value of their investment

  7. Dropping Coverage of Delek


    Mon, 4 Feb 2008

    We are discontinuing coverage of Delek DK in order to focus our resources elsewhere.

  8. Delek under Review


    Fri, 15 Jun 2007

    We are placing Delek DK under review while we take a fresh look at our growth and margin assumptions. We expect a moderate increase to our fair value estimate.

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