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    1. We Raise Ctrip's Fair Value Estimate to USD 38 on Stronger Growth Outlook and Lower Discount Rate


      Mon, 30 Mar 2015

      estimate for narrow moat-rated Ctrip . com International to USD 38 per ADR from USD 32 ..... brisk pace, we are confident that Ctrip can continue its strong business ..... market consumers as well as Ctrip 's heavy brand-building and

    2. Priceline’s Competitive Advantage in China Is Well-Intact; Remains a Top Investment Idea


      Thu, 26 Mar 2015

      that Qunar (partly owned by Baidu) and CTrip (Priceline’s partner) are best-positioned ..... danger of continued share loss. ELong, CTrip , Qunar increased marketing spending 21 ..... quarter net revenue decreased 6%, while CTrip 's and Qunar's fourth-quarter net revenue

    3. Ctrip ’s Fourth Quarter In Line; 2015's First Quarter Guidance Exceeds Expectations


      Fri, 20 Mar 2015

      Ctrip ’s fourth-quarter 2014 results were largely ..... online and offline marketing and promotion of Ctrip ’s mobile booking services. Management ..... equity assumption. We maintain our view that Ctrip 's shares are overvalued as the industry

    4. Priceline's Price Is Right


      Fri, 20 Feb 2015

      increased 43% over last quarter; and Ctrip CTRP , Agoda, and Booking.com, which ..... expanding its leadership in China with its Ctrip partnership, which is crucial, as ..... 540,000 (not including 170,000 Ctrip ) properties on its network. The

    5. Priceline Reports Solid Bookings Despite FX Headwinds; Shares at Attractive Margin of Safety


      Thu, 19 Feb 2015

      traffic and some days represented 50% of total bookings; OpenTable revenue, which increased 43% over last quarter; and Ctrip , agoda, and booking.com, which experienced very strong growth in China. Additionally, booking.com property growth was

    6. Expedia Appears Undervalued Even After Factoring in Increased Global Bookings Competition


      Thu, 8 Jan 2015

      multiple distribution channels. In emerging markets, the company’s majority-owned subsidiary eLong is weakening versus CTrip and Qunar, which is crucial as we see China representing 28% of total industry online bookings growth over the next decade

    7. Raising Priceline's Fair Value Estimate Because of Strong Global Positioning


      Thu, 8 Jan 2015

      28% of the total global industry online bookings growth from 2015 through 2024, and Priceline's expanded partnership with CTrip places the company in a strong position. Offsetting our higher growth forecast, we now project advertising as a percent of

    8. Opportunities in Internet Stocks

      Video Reports

      Thu, 18 Dec 2014

      leader Priceline (PCLN), but also [TICKER:EXPE] Expedia (EXPE), [TICKER:TRIP] TripAdvisor (TRIP), and Ctrip ( CTRP ) in China. Those, we think, are also benefiting from a secular shift in travel booking toward online travel booking

      CTRP found at 6:33

      the market leader Priceline (PCLN), but also [TICKER:EXPE] Expedia (EXPE), [TICKER:TRIP] TripAdvisor (TRIP), and Ctrip ( CTRP ) in China. Those, we think, are also benefiting from a secular shift in travel booking toward online travel booking, which is a
    9. Ctrip ’s Revenue Continues Growth Streak, but Margin Outlook Disappoints


      Tue, 25 Nov 2014

      Ctrip achieved 38% net revenue growth in the third ..... fiscal 2015 as another investment year for Ctrip , and they're not expecting profitability ..... incomes among Chinese consumers. This year, Ctrip has been investing aggressively to ensure

    10. From Barron’s, November 3, 2014 (Part 1)


      Sat, 1 Nov 2014

      of the MSCI EM Index which will include the Chinese ADRs listed in the US and the expected beneficiaries include BIDU, BABA, CTRP , etc. Free access to Asia Edition until 1/15/15 http://online.barrons.com/asia Pg M8, Emerging Markets: The

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