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    1. Crown Castle Bumps Up 2015 Outlook as U.S. Leasing Activity Remains Strong


      Thu, 23 Apr 2015

      rating at this time. As expected, revenue pressure resulting from site decommissioning tied to the Leap, MetroPCS, and Clearwire acquisitions continued to accelerate during the first quarter, with nonrenewals eliminating 4.2% of revenue year over

    2. Crown Castle Sees Steady Results During the Fourth Quarter as It Plows Ahead With Small Cells


      Thu, 22 Jan 2015

      a slight slowdown in new lease activity and a ramp up in site decommissioning as the acquisitions of Leap, MetroPCS, and Clearwire are integrated. As a result, the firm forecasts organic rental growth will slow to 4.5%. Augmenting this growth, Crown

    3. SBA Continues to Excel in Third Quarter; Management Offers Solid Outlook


      Wed, 5 Nov 2014

      GHz LTE network usage. The firm is also allowing for slightly greater churn in 2015 stemming from the MetroPCS, Leap and Clearwire acquisitions, a sentiment echoed by rival Crown Castle. Still, the major U.S. carriers continue to invest heavily in

    4. Tower Additions Lift Crown Castle in Third Quarter; Annual Dividend Increased


      Fri, 31 Oct 2014

      capacity expansion trends the firm has seen through the first three quarters of the year. However, with LEAP, MetroPCS and Clearwire having been acquired by AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, respectively, Crown is likely to incur a $35 million-$45 million

    5. Sprint Handles Increased Competition Well During 4Q, but We Remain Cautious on Shares


      Tue, 11 Feb 2014

      the turmoil at the firm recently (closing the Softbank and Clearwire deals over the summer while investing aggressively in the ..... than offset increased costs resulting from the acquisition of Clearwire and Network Vision spending. Management expects EBITDA growth

    6. Sprint Continues to Work Through Network and Financial Issues, Posts Decent Results


      Wed, 30 Oct 2013

      S first quarter following the closing of the Softbank and Clearwire transactions was choppy, as was to be expected given the ..... shares. Accounting adjustments related to the Softbank and Clearwire deals muddied Sprint’s financial results during the quarter

    7. Our Outlook for Tech & Communication Services Stocks


      Fri, 27 Sep 2013

      Over the past quarter, Sprint S managed to shake free of DISH Network DISH, closing revised transactions with Softbank and Clearwire . Verizon finally landed Vodafone's 45% stake in Verizon Wireless, shelling out $130 billion in cash, stock, and other

    8. Sprint Posts a Respectable Quarter Amid Major Turmoil


      Wed, 31 Jul 2013

      however. The Network Vision upgrade program and the addition of Clearwire spectrum to the Sprint network will consume cash over the ..... 24 billion in debt, but adjusting for the Softbank and Clearwire transactions, those figures now sit around $5 billion and

    9. From Barron’s, July 22, 2013 (Part 1)


      Sat, 20 Jul 2013

      9984.ja; +192% since October; +131% in US$] is firing on all cylinders. His 3-way deal for Sprint Nextel and Clearwire was completed recently. His stakes also include 32% of Alibaba [a potential September IPO], 42% of Yahoo Japan [4689.ja

    10. Our Outlook for Tech & Communication Services Stocks


      Fri, 28 Jun 2013

      also finally resolved the fate of Clearwire CLWR , with Sprint boosting its all ..... calling DISH's bluff, selling its Clearwire stake to DISH or used Sprint equity to fund a portion of its bid for Clearwire . Sprint is in only a slightly

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