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    1. Crude Oil Pricing Pressures Clean Harbors ’ Third Quarter, Leads to Goodwill Impairment Charge


      Wed, 5 Nov 2014

      Clean Harbors ’ third-quarter results offer another ..... business. Slowing activity in several of Clean Harbors ’ noncore business lines, such as oil ..... to be justified. In our opinion, Clean Harbors paid a premium for the dubious opportunity

    2. 2Q Results Indicate That Clean Harbors Is On Track to Improving Profitability


      Wed, 6 Aug 2014

      welcome indicator that narrow-moat Clean Harbors is successfully identifying areas of ..... technical services segment, which houses Clean Harbors ' moaty disposal business, increased ..... margin contraction occurred in all of Clean Harbors ' noncore businesses, offsetting a

    3. Slow Start to the Year Prompts Strategic Business Review at Clean Harbors ; Shares Fairly Valued


      Wed, 7 May 2014

      to offset weather-related drags in Clean Harbors ’ noncore segments in the first quarter ..... underlying utilization rates in each of Clean Harbors ’ operating segments actually improved ..... which serves as the foundation of Clean Harbors ’ economic moat. However, we believe

    4. Relational Investors Discloses 9% stake in Clean Harbors


      Fri, 25 Apr 2014

      Relational Investors took a 9% stake in Clean Harbors , citing significant potential in the ..... agree, and believe that narrow-moat Clean Harbors ’ strengths lie squarely in its hazardous ..... commercial hazardous incineration, Clean Harbors ’ ability to derive pricing power in

    5. Activist fund Relational discloses stake in "undervalued" Clean Harbors


      Thu, 24 Apr 2014

      April 24 (Reuters) - Privately owned activist fund Relational Investors LLC disclosed a 9.08 percent stake in Clean Harbors Inc, saying the hazardous waste manager is "undervalued," according to a...

    6. As hazardous waste swells with energy boom, funds bet on Clean Harbors


      Tue, 1 Apr 2014

      NEW YORK (Reuters) - Even as its share price has slumped 8 percent in the year to date, hazardous waste manager Clean Harbors , Inc. has cleaned up in terms of fund-manager interest as more of them bet on one of the down sides of the energy boom.

    7. Seeking Small-Cap Moats: US Ecology


      Wed, 26 Feb 2014

      disposal is a niche market that is served by a handful of players, including US Ecology, Waste Management WM, and Clean Harbors CLH . New entrants are dissuaded from entering the market by the high regulatory barriers to entry and the long payback

    8. U.S. Ecology Announces Equity Raise and Increases Forecast for 2013; Shares Fairly Valued


      Mon, 2 Dec 2013

      In some cases, a growing service portfolio can increase U.S. Ecology’s utility to customers; however, competitor Clean Harbors has struggled with declining ROICs by following a similar strategy. As such, watching what Feeler greenlights as a good

    9. Clean Harbors Reports Strong Sales Activity in 3Q, but Lowers 2013 Profitability Guidance


      Fri, 8 Nov 2013

      Clean Harbors reported a mixed quarter as weaker ..... network serves as the foundation of Clean Harbors ' economic moat, which should protect ..... effect increased volatility has on Clean Harbors ' enterprise. For example, although

    10. Clean Harbors Adds to Waste Oil Business With Acquisition of Evergreen Oil


      Mon, 16 Sep 2013

      Clean Harbors announced on Monday the acquisition ..... small, the transaction illustrates Clean Harbors ’ strategy of strengthening its newly ..... the kind of tuck-in acquisitions Clean Harbors typically targets in order to add capacity

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