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    1. The New GICS Framework: Understanding the Impact of Sector Classification Changes


      Thu, 11 Dec 2014

      standard deviation as measured by the MSCI Barra U.S. Equity Long-Term Model (USE3L ..... volatile than the market. Sources: MSCI Barra , Fidelity Investments, based on data ..... Change in Financials Exposure to Rates MSCI Barra U.S. Equity Long-Term Model (USE3L

    2. GM to build Opel SUV, invest 500 million euro in engine plants


      Thu, 20 Nov 2014

      FRANKFURT (Reuters) - General Motors will build a sports utility vehicle (SUV) at the Opel factory in Ruesselsheim, Germany, and invest 500 million euros ($626 million) in engine production in Europe, Chief Executive Mary Barra said on Thursday.

    3. Why the U.S. Corporate World Became ‘A Bull Market for Corruption’


      Thu, 3 Jul 2014

      corporate culture in which it was accepted practice to shrug off all responsibility for fixing a problem. “GM’s CEO Mary Barra herself said that individuals inside the company repeatedly failed to disclose the critical pieces of information that would have

    4. GM Announces Recall Investigation Report and Creation of Victims Fund; We Plan to Reduce Our FVE


      Thu, 5 Jun 2014

      Administration. NHTSA posted the report around midday. The report found no evidence of a conspiracy to cover up facts, but CEO Mary Barra did announce that the company fired 15 unnamed people, including executives, for misconduct or incompetence. The company

    5. GM Has Strong Quarter Despite Recall and Restructuring Charges


      Thu, 24 Apr 2014

      year over year excluding recall costs. Management did not have any significant updates on the recall other than CEO Mary Barra expects to have victim compensation recommendations from Ken Feinberg in about 45 days. We are not yet modeling charges for

    6. GM Increases Recall Costs to $1.3 billion; First-Quarter Loss Likely


      Wed, 9 Apr 2014

      outflow this year will probably be limited to repair costs. We expect more bad headlines for the company, including CEO Mary Barra 's eventual return to Capitol Hill for more interrogation by House and Senate panels once GM is ready to disclose the findings

    7. GM Announces More Recalls, Raises 1Q Recall Charges to up to $750 Million


      Mon, 31 Mar 2014

      severe impact on our valuation. Tuesday and Wednesday is the next test for the company as CEO Mary Barra will testify to House and Senate panels. Barra 's prepared remarks released today by GM indicate she is not yet ready to say why there was such

    8. Active Share: A Misunderstood Measure in Manager Selection


      Wed, 26 Mar 2014

      share and size can be found using MSCI Barra data on relative size exposures, by comparing ..... measure across deciles of active share. The Barra relative size exposure becomes increasingly ..... between active share and a larger negative Barra relative size exposure may have implications

    9. GM Announces New Recalls; $300 Million Charge Not Material to Our Valuation


      Mon, 17 Mar 2014

      pays at least $1 billion into a victims fund as requested by the Center for Auto Safety in a March 12 letter to GM CEO Mary Barra . Even if GM agreed with this request, it is possible that GM shareholders could file litigation to stop such a payment, claiming

    10. Congress Seeks Hearings on GM Recalls


      Tue, 11 Mar 2014

      lose sales in the short run because of constant negative headlines, but the impact to its reputation depends on how CEO Mary Barra and her team respond over the next few months. We expect GM will continue to take responsibility and admit fault in how it

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