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    1. Choosing a "last" MLP


      Tue, 3 Mar 2015

      distribution, 6-7%, say. After reviewing lots of MLPs, I'm inclined to go with OKS. Thoughts? My taxable account contains APU , BBEP, EEP, ETP, MMLP, NS, WPZ (plus KMI and PBA). I own some VNR in another IRA. I'm referring to this as a "last

    2. AmeriGas' Results Fall With Mild Weather, but Falling Propane Prices Is the Bigger Story


      Thu, 5 Feb 2015

      and stable narrow moat rating for AmeriGas Partners after it announced fiscal first ..... Feb. 5. During the quarter, AmeriGas generated $189 million in adjusted ..... would be a significant boost to AmeriGas and peer Suburban Propane's financial

    3. Major technology companies, their products, and who you should buy and sell


      Thu, 11 Dec 2014

      to cisco, and the costs are far less. Now for the sells AMD, sad to say, but AMD just hasnt been performing well, and the APU chipset release just didn't do that well. Not because of good performance, but because Xbox One, and PS4 are losing ground

    4. New to Dividend Growth Investing


      Wed, 10 Dec 2014

      most of Josh's picks. I just added to CVX and OXY positions after the OPEC decision. So - here is what I have: Aapl, AEP, APU , CVX, CSCO, CLX, KO, DVN, ETN, GE, GSK, HCN, HSBC, JNJ, KMI, MCD, OXY, O, PM, PG, RCI, SEP, SO, TGT, UPS

    5. MLPs


      Sat, 6 Dec 2014

      drop to build a portfolio of MLPs/GPs, but am relatively new to the space. My current holdings consist of KMI, MMP, EPD, APU , WMB/WPZ and PAA (will pickup PAGP to pair with it when price drops again). Looking for one additional. Considering the

    6. Current Holdings -- December


      Sat, 6 Dec 2014

      preferred CEFs and made several other trades as indicated below. MLPs, individual as well as CEFs ( 14% of total portfolio): APU (individual), KMI (general partner), KED, NTG, KYN, KMF, KYE, PAGP (initiated this position) (other recent changes

    7. MLP Watchlist Checkup


      Fri, 21 Nov 2014

      of the issues below. My shortlist is as follows in order of desire: MMP EPD SEP (I hold the GP SE in my roth already) WPZ APU Again, I wanted to run this list past all of you to double check that I'm not missing an obvious choice. My goal is to hold

    8. AmeriGas' Impressive Fiscal 2014 Results Prove Resiliency of Business Model


      Fri, 14 Nov 2014

      After reviewing AmeriGas ' fiscal 2014 performance and participating ..... moat rating. During the fiscal year, AmeriGas realized a healthy increase in EBITDA ..... below our projections for the year, but AmeriGas managed to put up stronger-than

    9. 5 Dividend Stocks to Buy on Energy's Weakness

      Video Reports

      Fri, 31 Oct 2014

      in the Harvest portfolio. And I like [TICKER: APU ] AmeriGas Partners ( APU ), a propane distributor that kind of sits out ..... TICKER:SEP] Spectra Energy Partners, and AmeriGas would be your top picks for investors looking to

      APU AmeriGas found at 6:45

      actually recently added to our position in the Harvest portfolio. And I like [TICKER: APU ] AmeriGas Partners APU a propane distributor that kind of sits out--sees some of the volatility of the MLPs, in general, but doesn't have a real close link to the oil price or even the natural gas price. Year to year, its results are driven more by the weather than anything, but it really functions more like a natural gas utility than a play on oil or gas production, per se. Glaser: So, [TICKER:CVX] Chevron, Magellan, [TICKER:SEP] Spectra Energy Partners, and AmeriGas would be your top picks for investors looking to maybe buy on some of this energy weakness? Peters: Yeah, and I'd add
    10. what are folks looking to buy?


      Fri, 10 Oct 2014

      growth. BUD and DEO - folks always drink booze and they both have good EM exposure which should drive growth in the longer term. APU - retail propane distributor. Just hit 8% magic yield. It should actually be helped by falling oil/propane prices. MMP

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