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    1. Aluminum Prices Remain Below the Cost of Production for Chalco ; Recovery Not Yet on the Horizon


      Thu, 4 Apr 2013

      have risen on scarce supply, pushing Chalco ACH back into the red with a net loss of RMB ..... single-digit growth rates in 2013, but Chalco projects a 13% increase in Chinese output ..... return and ensure steady cash flow. But Chalco does not have a good track record in this

    2. Chalco Falls Into the Red as Aluminum Prices Sink Below the Cost of Production


      Tue, 28 Aug 2012

      Chalco ACH reported a net loss of RMB 3.26 billion ..... August. We plan to adjust our forecast for Chalco to incorporate a lower aluminum price for ..... small decrease to our fair value estimate. Chalco will need a major price turnaround in order

    3. Chalco's Foray Into Coal Mining Lacks Strategic Basis but Comes at Compelling Valuation


      Tue, 3 Apr 2012

      Aluminum Corporation of China ACH made a CAD 925 million offer Monday to ..... invest in an industry and country in which Chalco has no operational experience. Management ..... executing that strategy. We acknowledged that Chalco 's competitive position in China's ..... sector has weakened when we downgraded Chalco 's economic moat rating to none from

    4. Chalco Is on Shaky Ground With Another Quarterly Loss Ahead


      Mon, 19 Mar 2012

      Falling aluminum prices and rising costs drastically reduced Aluminum Corporation of China's ACH results for the second half of 2011, pulling the company back into the red with operating margin for the full year down 30 ..... with demand. We have seen substantial output cuts outside China but capacity in the country continues to grow. Chinalco, Chalco 's parent company, expects China's aluminum consumption to rise 7% in 2012. This is a considerable slowdown from the

    5. Rising Production Costs Will Be Continuing Obstacle for Chalco


      Thu, 3 Mar 2011

      Chalco 's ACH results for the second half of 2010 reflect ..... supply problem, particularly in China. Chalco expects Chinese aluminum consumption to ..... would improve the health of the industry. Chalco 's cost position is more favorable than

    6. Alcoa as an Aluminum play is a Dud


      Thu, 24 Feb 2011

      many large-scale aluminum manufacturers are having a difficult time following the spot price, much less beating it. CHALCO ( ACH ), Century Aluminum ( CENX ), and Noranda Aluminum ( NX ), smaller companies in terms of Market Cap, are trending upward

    7. ACH Reports Weak 1H but Hiked Alumina Prices


      Thu, 3 Sep 2009

      5 billion ($511 million) loss at Chalco ACH . The company operated at negative gross ..... could not cover high production costs. Chalco 's aluminum output was resilient versus ..... capacity utilization. This suggests that Chalco hasn't shut down much capacity while

    8. Chalco under Review


      Wed, 3 Jun 2009

      We are placing the Aluminum Corporation of China Ltd. ACH under review as we transfer coverage to a new analyst.

    9. Chalco Cuts Production Further


      Thu, 5 Mar 2009

      Aluminum Corporation of China Ltd. ACH idled additional alumina refineries as ..... inventories show no sign of waning. By March, Chalco has cut alumina production by 4.1 million ..... producers to stabilize the aluminum market. Chalco will probably take its fair share of the ..... aluminum production cost curve. Meanwhile, Chalco 's parent company, Aluminum Corporation

    10. Will Chalco Invest in China?


      Thu, 4 Dec 2008

      response to the global economic downturn, Chalco ACH slashed 18% of its primary aluminum production ..... 2,800 per metric ton, threatening Chalco 's profitability. Under this challenging situation, Chalco is expected to acquire financially distressed

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