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    1. Lowering Our Allianz Fair Value


      Mon, 6 Oct 2014

      We are lowering our fair value estimate for Allianz AZSEY to EUR 122 from EUR 126 after Bill Gross' recent departure from PIMCO. We expect fund outflows at PIMCO, which we think could

    2. Caution Warranted on PIMCO Stewardship


      Mon, 29 Sep 2014

      potentially distracting for PIMCO, and it may ultimately lead to earnings pressure on the firm and its parent company, Allianz AZSEY , that could result in a smaller staff or higher fund fees. Those risks are significant but not insurmountable. The firm has strong

    3. PIMCO Outflows Will Hurt Allianz


      Fri, 26 Sep 2014

      investigating the $3.6 billion PIMCO Total Return ETF BOND for artificially boosting returns. We are placing no-moat Allianz AZSEY under review while we assess the impact of the announcement. We expect to lower our fair value estimate, as it is likely that

    4. From Barron’s, November 11, 2013 (Part 2)


      Sat, 9 Nov 2013

      online.barrons.com/public/page/9_0210-investorsentimentreadings.html Bullish stories: Allianz [ALV.ge/ AZSEY ; generous yield; PIMCO contributes hugely to this European insurer’s profits; concerns about Gross who is 69 and is worth

    5. PIMCO Asset Surge Boosts Allianz's First-Quarter Results


      Wed, 15 May 2013

      Allianz AZSEY reported strong first-quarter results, and we continue to believe the company's diverse revenue model is a key factor to its

    6. Allianz Reports a Strong Quarter, Driven by Improved Underwriting Results


      Thu, 21 Feb 2013

      Allianz AZSEY reported strong results for fiscal 2012, and full-year operating earnings increased 21% to EUR 9.5 billion, exceeding the

    7. Allianz Raises Full-Year Operating Profit Target After Third-Quarter Results Top Expectations


      Tue, 30 Oct 2012

      In light of stellar results for the third quarter, Allianz AZSEY , in a pre-announcement, raised its full-year operating profit target to above EUR 9 billion, assuming a "normal business

    8. Allianz's Management Emphasizes Underwriting Excellence at Investors' Day


      Mon, 23 Jul 2012

      Allianz AZSEY provided a status update on its European operations during its July 18 investors’ day. Overall, the tone was positive. We were

    9. Hartford Reports Increase in 1Q Profits, Primary Improvements From Runoff Operations


      Thu, 3 May 2012

      fact, in order give itself additional flexibility on these sales, the firm repurchased the debt and warrants owned by Allianz AZSEY that were originally issued in an effort to save the firm in the early stages of the financial crisis. We believe in the near

    10. Allianz Reports Solid Fourth-Quarter Results, Improved Capital Position


      Thu, 23 Feb 2012

      Allianz AZSEY reported solid fourth-quarter results, helped by strong performance at PIMCO and the property-casualty (P&C) unit. The

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