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  1. A 401(k) Rollover Checklist


    Sun, 24 Aug 2014

    a Traditional IRA to a Roth, and the key factors are nearly identical for rollovers from a Traditional 401(k) to a Roth IRA . Step 6: Execute. Once you've decided where you'll steer your old 401(k), it's time to get it done. The

  2. Roth IRA


    Sun, 10 Aug 2014

    My daughter has about $50,000, she is 48 and would like to build a retirment fund to start using @ 70. I own MMP,kmp, and others that require a K1. should she include this type investment in this account?

  3. Question re limits


    Thu, 7 Aug 2014

    I believe someone (above 50) can contibute 401K for 2014 max allowed is $17.5K + 5.5K Roth IRA limit for above 50 is $6500 for 2014 Can someone earning 45K can defer 29.K towards retirement by maxing out both? Any issues? Appreciate your reponse. TIA rs

  4. How can I simplfy over accounts?


    Fri, 1 Aug 2014

    I have 4 accounts at Fidelity, ROTH , IRA , Taxable, and 401k. The IRA will not have any additions in the forceable future, it was a rollover. The new 401k gets $3k

  5. Trying to Start an IRA


    Thu, 31 Jul 2014

    any guidance on what to look for or recommend any companies, I would greatly appreciate it. I would probably go with a Roth IRA and stick with mutual funds for now. Again, I'm very new to this and trying to learn so I apologize. Any tips are

  6. New investor looking for guidance on fund selection


    Tue, 29 Jul 2014

    on selecting a fund for a taxable account. Looking to invest 50,000$, all tax efficeint acocunts are maxed out ( Roth IRA 2055 Lifestrategy fund and Thrift Savings Plan ). I recently sold the active managed mutual funds VWELX Vanguard wellington

  7. Sanity Check


    Tue, 29 Jul 2014

    like to leave it alone, as I intend to return to government service after college. Therefore, I would like to open a Roth IRA at Fido (or Vanguard?) and contribute the maximum to that every year that I am in college from my taxable Fido account

  8. Asset Allocation / Tax Efficiency Question


    Sun, 27 Jul 2014

    Roth IRAs and taxable account in hopes of achieving financial independence sooner rather than later. Presently, we have Roth IRA balances of $57K (mine), $12K (my wife's), and a joint taxable account of $49K. Everything is through Vanguard

  9. Retirement Income: How to Use Buckets to Manage Your Portfolio


    Thu, 24 Jul 2014

    retirement-fund portion of their portfolio—from taxable, tax-deferred IRA and 401-K accounts, and tax-free Roth IRA accounts. After those predictable income sources, they’ll need an additional $25,000 from their $1 million portfolio

  10. Interesting Retirement Problem


    Mon, 21 Jul 2014

    last employer that I rolled (2004) all the funds to a Fidelity Trad. IRA and then converted (2005) to a Fidelity Roth IRA . Here is the problem it now has a balance of $1,202.06 in Fidelity Magellan. On 6/13/14 they show a contribution

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