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  1. Retirement Strategy : Avoiding Uncertainty Makes More Sense Than Dealing With It


    Mon, 25 Aug 2014

    By Regarded Solutions : The more successful investors are the ones who avoid uncertainty rather than having to deal with it, combined with a prudent dividend growth portfolio which creates a more reliable income stream. Some of the most recent examples of how I have avoided uncertainty can be found

  2. Retirement Strategy : How Dividend Income Grows To Staggering Levels By Reinvesting And Compounding


    Sun, 17 Aug 2014

    By Regarded Solutions : My previous article on dividend investing garnered nearly 600 comments thus far, and I believe blew enough holes in the belief that dividends do NOT matter in retirement, that some folks have reconsidered their own investing approach. Of course, the more stubborn some folks

  3. Retirement Strategy : The Absurdity Of Believing That Dividends Don't Matter In Retirement


    Mon, 11 Aug 2014

    By Regarded Solutions : There really is no other way for me to say this, but after reading some of the most absurd articles that dividends do not matter in retirement, I am compelled to just say this flat out -- if you are not investing in the greatest companies that will keep paying you an income

  4. Retirement Strategy : Some Dividend Champions Are On Sale Right Now


    Mon, 11 Aug 2014

    By Regarded Solutions : To further show how I either open positions or add to positions for my own retirement portfolio, I will use the Buy The Dips Portfolio , or BTDP, as my guide to show how there are currently some stocks within this portfolio, at or near my target price, to consider buying ...

  5. Retirement Strategy : Preparing For The Unknowns


    Wed, 6 Aug 2014

    By Regarded Solutions : For many years now, I have been preaching about dividend growth investing to just about any investor who cared to listen. The foundation for a more secure financial future can be found by investing in mega cap, blue chip, dividend growth stocks. While no investment strategy

  6. Retirement Strategy : The ETF Only Portfolio Vs. Buy The Dips Portfolio: Update For July


    Sun, 3 Aug 2014

    By Regarded Solutions : In my previous update , I noted that I was surprised to see that the ETFOP held up just as well as the BTDP, more or less, and it looked like it was going to be a horse race. Toss that out the window for now. It has been my opinion that a dividend income portfolio managed by

  7. Retirement Strategy : The Apple Juggernaut Should Be In Every Retirement Portfolio Right Now


    Wed, 30 Jul 2014

    By Regarded Solutions : So tell me where it is written that a dividend growth investor should NOT have Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL ) as a core holding in their portfolio for retirement? I have heard that the yield is too low (2% as of now), that the company has not proven itself as a steady dividend

  8. Tips for an Early Retirement


    Sun, 27 Jul 2014

    young, had just two children, and never divorced. To be clear, I'm not suggesting social engineering as a retirement strategy , but the reality is that milestone events in life have an outsized impact on one's financial well-being

  9. Retirement Strategy : Grow Your Income Without Spending More Money


    Sat, 19 Jul 2014

    By Regarded Solutions : To further enhance my dividend growth portfolio, and to increase income, I am not the average hardcore dividend growth investor. I will selectively add a few high yielding stocks, knowing they carry added risk, but be confident in my ability to monitor these "dividend ...

  10. The Target-Date Industry in 5 Charts


    Tue, 8 Jul 2014

    Series generally don’t use underlying funds that have Negative ratings; the Negative-rated AllianceBernstein Retirement Strategy series is somewhat of an exception, though not technically so. Rather than investing in funds, the series invests

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