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  1. Mexican police catch 129 migrants in truck bound for U.S.


    Wed, 15 Apr 2015

    MEXICO CITY, April 15 (Reuters) - Mexican police detained 129 Central American migrants packed into a freight truck who were planning to cross illegally into the United States, a security official said on Wednesday.

  2. Tech and Telecom Sectors: Time to Be Selective


    Wed, 1 Apr 2015

    less developed countries with lots of opportunities for subscriber and revenue growth. It operates in three regions-- Central America , which accounts for about 38% of revenue; South America, which accounts for 46%; and Africa, which accounts for 16

  3. A Tale of Two Economies: Singapore and Cuba


    Fri, 27 Mar 2015

    comes in at number 177 on the Heritage Foundation’s list and is the “least free of 29 countries in the South and Central America /Caribbean region.” The Caribbean island-state doesn’t rank at all on the World Bank Group’s list, which includes 189 world

  4. Central American financial group buys Citibank's Nicaraguan unit


    Thu, 26 Mar 2015

    TEGUCIGALPA, March 26 (Reuters) - Financial group Grupo Financiero Ficohsa (GFF) has acquired Banco Citibank de Nicaragua SA and Cititarjetas de Nicaragua SA to expand in Central America , the group...

  5. American in Honduras isolated pending tests for Ebola


    Sat, 14 Mar 2015

    TEGUCIGALPA, March 13 (Reuters) - A U.S. citizen has been hospitalized in Honduras while he is screened for Ebola, health authorities in the Central American country said on Friday.

  6. Near-Term Looks Flat, but Market Is Missing Ambev's Long-Term Growth and Margin Opportunities


    Thu, 26 Feb 2015

    Brazil (volume +0.6%) and Latin America South (-2.9%) were particularly weak, but only the Hila-ex segment ( Central America and the Caribbean) and Canada experienced volume growth faster than the first nine months of the year. Ambev's core

  7. Man-made air pollution reduces Central America rainfall: study


    Mon, 9 Feb 2015

    OSLO (Reuters) - Air pollution tied to industrialization in the northern hemisphere almost certainly reduced rainfall over Central America in new evidence that human activity can disrupt the climate, a study suggested on Monday.

  8. Russia's Rosinter says foreign investor buys 23 pct stake


    Fri, 6 Feb 2015

    MOSCOW, Feb 6 (Reuters) - Russian restaurant group Rosinter said on Friday that Nickors Limited, a Belize, Central America -based company, had acquired 23.11 percent of its shares from the market.

  9. This Undervalued Telecom Finds Large Scale in Small Markets


    Wed, 4 Feb 2015

    However, it kept a core business in Central America that was overlooked by America Movil ..... the larger markets. In addition to Central America , it has expanded to some of the smaller ..... able to generate a decent profit. In Central America , the populations are roughly 6

  10. Latin America in 2015: Manufacturing Aces, Commodity Bases and Basket Cases


    Thu, 15 Jan 2015

    says Mauro Guillen , director of Penn and Wharton’s Lauder Institute . The first of those regions includes Mexico and Central America , which “mainly export manufactured goods, primarily to the United States.” These countries “are not doing poorly, especially

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