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  1. Online shopping spotlights trade wishes for small businesses


    Tue, 23 Dec 2014

    WASHINGTON, Dec 23 (Reuters) - Booming online shopping is turning more small businesses into exporters and pushing issues like duty-free limits and customs duties higher up the wish lists for...

  2. We Lift Briscoe's Fair Value Uncertainty Lifted to High on Uncertain Discretionary Spending Outlook


    Mon, 22 Dec 2014

    is gaining share from competitors in the New Zealand homeware and sporting goods categories. Furthermore, we sense that online shopping has not materially impacted the firm to-date. In fact, Briscoe is capitalising on consumers moving online by deploying

  3. Falling Energy Prices Too Much of a Good Thing?


    Sat, 13 Dec 2014

    methodology on some of these reports was less than robust. Exactly which days consumers would decide to shop and the role of online shopping have hopelessly muddled most short-term data. Getting things right on even a monthly basis with an army of government

  4. Poor Third-Quarter 2014 Operating Figures Echo Our Cautious View on Belle; Fair Value Unchanged


    Thu, 11 Dec 2014

    benefit from any economic moats and it is facing structural challenge from the rapid development of online channels. As online shopping sites quickly gain incremental market shares away from traditional offline retailers, and Belle continually penetrates

  5. Sun Art Retail: Short-Term Headwinds Waning, Structural Challenges Remain


    Thu, 13 Nov 2014

    could stabilize over the next few months, in our view. Nonetheless, the structural challenges, including competition from online shopping platforms and operating cost pressure, will persist over the next few years. Sun Art Retail is rolling out its online-to-offline

  6. As the Eurozone Stalls, China Cuts the Red Tape


    Tue, 28 Oct 2014

    Chinese citizens, about 618 million, nearly half, have access to the Internet. Of those, 302 million, nearly half again, shop online . These numbers will continue to grow, and with them, greater investment opportunity. Name one Western European company

  7. ANALYSIS-Department stores fight back from online challenge


    Wed, 15 Oct 2014

    PARIS, Oct 15 (Reuters) - Department stores are starting to enjoy a renaissance after finding ways to attract a new generation of consumers in an age of global fashion chains and online shopping .

  8. How Alibaba Could Capitalize on the EBay-PayPal Split


    Wed, 8 Oct 2014

    China alone, there are 618 million Internet users. Of those, 302 million—nearly the population of the United States— shop online . Again, Donahoe claims neither eBay nor PayPal is for sale. But this is the same man who on numerous occasions opposed Icahn’s

  9. Alibaba’s Next Move: Grow Abroad, or Go Deeper into China?


    Wed, 1 Oct 2014

    in the U.S.” Online Shopping Sprees Qiaowei Shen ..... 35 billion people shop online , even though half ..... Internet. Overall, online shopping makes up only 8% of China ..... But to keep the online shopping market robust, an

  10. Conservative Pricing Creates Opportunity for Wide-Moat Alibaba


    Wed, 17 Sep 2014

    for almost 64% of China's total online shopping GMV in 2013, according to data from ..... continues to grow. Moreover, as online shopping becomes an increasingly integral part ..... of total transaction volume of the online shopping industry. Over the past decade

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