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  1. When a Manager Change Means More of the Same


    Thu, 5 Mar 2015

    a manager change at Goldman Sachs Mid Cap Value GSMCX last month. Longtime ..... has remained stable. They focus on mid - cap names with strong free cash flows ..... returns have been in the top half of the mid - cap value Morningstar Category 85% of

  2. After tax annuity enhancements - TIAA-CREF Intelligent VA


    Sun, 1 Mar 2015

    Vanguard VIF Capital Growth Portfolio Vanguard VIF Equity Index Portfolio Vanguard VIF High Yield Bond Portfolio Vanguard VIF Mid - Cap Index Portfolio Vanguard VIF REIT Index Portfolio Vanguard VIF Small Company Growth Portfolio Vanguard VIF Total Bond

  3. Switching to a Wells Fargo 401k, need help with Allocations.


    Sat, 28 Feb 2015

    Stock: Large Blend VFIAX 0.05% T. Rowe Price Growth Stock Stock: Large Growth PRGFX 0.68% Vanguard Mid Cap Index Adm Stock: Mid - Cap Blend VIMAX 0.09% Vanguard Small Cap Index Adm Stock: Small Blend VSMAX 0.09% American EuroPacific

  4. Great Expectations for Small-Cap Active Management


    Wed, 25 Feb 2015

    next smallest eligible securities as determined by Russell. The Russell Midcap Index measures the performance of the mid - cap segment of the U.S. equity universe. It includes approximately 800 of the smallest securities in the Russell 1000

  5. Top U.S. Equity Funds for Your Taxable Account


    Wed, 25 Feb 2015

    gains. This fund is less inclined to jettison winners, however, resulting in a portfolio that often includes a strong mid - cap presence. Morningstar analyst Dan Culloton describes Wasatch's investing style as "building compact portfolios of

  6. When Is a Fund Manager Change a Red Flag?

    Video Reports

    Fri, 20 Feb 2015

    rating the same. So, let's start with the first fund that you want to highlight. This is [TICKER:BUFMX] Buffalo Mid Cap (BUFMX). In this case, we actually did downgrade the fund when we got news of a manager change. Let's talk about

    Mid Cap found at 2:00

    with the first fund that you want to highlight. This is [TICKER:BUFMX] Buffalo Mid Cap (BUFMX). In this case, we actually did downgrade the fund when we got news of a manager change. Let's talk about that
  7. Ultimate Stock-Pickers' Top 10 High-Conviction Purchases


    Wed, 18 Feb 2015

    Woglom, and Michael Liss were recognized for the work they do running three different mutual funds-- American Century Mid Cap Value ACMVX, American Century Value, and American Century Equity Income TWEIX--with a total of $20 billion in AUM

  8. A repeat asset allocation inquiry for Taylor Larimore


    Fri, 13 Feb 2015

    necessary. But I know that VG's Portfolio Tester can contruct for me a port asset allocation. But the latter includes mid - cap and core numbers and I read here that most Bogleheads continue to think and talk of their ports' asset allocations in

  9. Is Skill Dead?


    Thu, 12 Feb 2015

    outperforming cash by 20%. If a manager were to have had 5% of his portfolio in non-U.S. stocks, 5% in small/ mid cap U.S. stocks, and carried 1% in cash, then he will have effectively started with a deficit of 120 bps versus the benchmark

  10. A Checklist for Foreign-Stock Fund Investors


    Thu, 12 Feb 2015

    large caps, while the remainder invests in small- and mid - cap names. Fact Sheet: Morningstar Analyst Ratings Morningstar ..... Large-Cap Funds Morningstar Medalists: Foreign Small/ Mid - Cap Funds Drill Into Market Exposure While Morningstar Analyst

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