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  1. Magnitude 6.0 quake strikes of coast of Japan


    Sun, 3 Aug 2014

    SINGAPORE (Reuters) - A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan 's Okinawa island on Sunday, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre.

  2. Developed Asia Pacific: Regional Economic Review – Q2 2014


    Mon, 28 Jul 2014

    firms that employ a chunk of Japan ’s workforce still seem disinterested ..... inflation inching up fast and Japan ’s wage growth still meek ..... partners in the region such as Japan to make up for slowing growth in China ..... natural disaster induced by an earthquake a few years ago. Further help

  3. Cameco: Light At The End Of The Japanese Tunnel?


    Wed, 16 Jul 2014

    longer-than-expected nuclear restart process in Japan was weighing on the supply/demand dynamics ..... political support for nuclear energy in Japan , anti-nuclear activists won an important ..... reactors at Ohi north because of their earthquake vulnerability. The ruling may not remain

  4. Magnitude 6.8 quake, small tsunami hit east Japan , no damage


    Fri, 11 Jul 2014

    TOKYO (Reuters) - A magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit off eastern Japan on Saturday morning, the Japan Meteorological Agency said, with minor tsunami of up to 20 cm but no reports of damage along the northeast coast that was ravaged by the catastrophic March 2011 tsunami .

  5. Tsunami advisory lifted after east Japan earthquake : NHK


    Fri, 11 Jul 2014

    TOKYO (Reuters) - A tsunami advisory for northeast Japan has been lifted, public broadcaster NHK said, two hours after a magnitude 6.8 earthquake offshore Fukushima prefecture early on Saturday triggered minor tsunami in the region.

  6. Magnitude 6.2 quake hits off Iwo Jimo, Japan : USGS


    Sun, 29 Jun 2014

    SINGAPORE (Reuters) - A magnitude 6.2 earthquake hit 84 miles (167 km) east-southeast of Iwo Jim in the Volcano Islands of Japan on Sunday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

  7. New Morningstar Analyst Report for DENTSPLY International Inc

    Stock Reports

    Tue, 10 Jun 2014

    considerably on the recent Astra Tech acquisition and the Japanese earthquake ’s effect on a key orthopedic supplier. Sluggish integration ..... addition to the recovery of the orthodontic segment after Japan ’s tsunami in 2011. Dentsply’s product innovation should enable

  8. Time (and Money) in a Cellphone


    Fri, 6 Jun 2014

    to prevent a Lehman-like earthquake . If the price of money is ..... developed countries in Europe and Japan were even lower. These ..... few decades of experience in Japan . Although “The New Neutral ..... unwillingness of the Bank of Japan to keep normal FF close to

  9. Kennedy vows U.S. help to Japan for Fukushima nuclear clean-up


    Wed, 14 May 2014

    OKUMA Japan (Reuters) - U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy pledged U.S. support for the clean-up at Japan 's tsunami -wrecked Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on Wednesday after her first visit to the site.

  10. Herro: Still Places to Find Value Abroad

    Video Reports

    Tue, 22 Apr 2014

    significantly overweight since post- earthquake in 2011. And, of course ..... right now. Let's start with Japan , and I'd like to get your ..... efforts that we've seen from Japan contributing to that market's ..... like. We are still exposed to Japan , but that extreme value doesn't

    japan found at 1:33, 2:11, 4:24

    very interesting parts of the global market right now. Let's start with Japan , and I'd like to get your take on the extraordinary stimulus efforts that we've seen from Japan contributing to that market's performance. What's your view of the market right now, given those efforts and the valuations on the shares
    there is still some companies we like. We are still exposed to Japan , but that extreme value doesn't exist as much as we have seen today. So the first part of the performance of the
    competitiveness, thereby allowing Europe to grow. Stipp: We've seen the activities in Japan with the stimulus measures there. We've seem to be getting past some of the big crisis points in Europe. Both of these markets have responded to some of those issues in the improvement there. So, when you're looking for opportunities, whether it's Japan , whether it's Europe, or elsewhere, what does your opportunity set look like now that we've seen some of these markets get past
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