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  1. New Model Portfolios for the Third Quarter 2014


    Tue, 15 Jul 2014

    Each calendar quarter, Mutual Fund/ETF Research Newsletter publishes an updated Model Portfolio for fund/ETF investors. The recommendations provided are our choices for funds that should serve investors well over the next

  2. Is there a good program for making test porfolios?


    Mon, 14 Jul 2014

    I am frustrated every time I try to set up a model portfolio with mutual funds/ETFs. I am looking for something quick and easy. What I want to check -- and it doesn't have to be exact

  3. The Story Behind The Marijuana Investment Story No One's Telling


    Tue, 17 Jun 2014

    recommended that subscribers consider buying FULL as a backdoor marijuana play. CANN was added to the "Flying High" model portfolio at $7.13 initially and held until March 27th, when CANN was unexpectedly suspended by the SEC for reasons related

  4. Newfound Research LLC: The Best Questions You’re Not Asking An ETF Strategist


    Fri, 13 Jun 2014

    understand the outcome and expectation of the portfolio rules as well as the model/algorithm? What is the solution the model , portfolio rules, and overall strategy are trying to solve? How do those rules move capital towards that solution? The concept

  5. Will Last Year’s Winners Be This Year’s Losers?


    Thu, 3 Apr 2014

    to Morningstar's research. I've renamed this model portfolio The Ultimate Stock-Picker's Portfolio, and I ..... Performance In the table below, I've listed my initial model portfolio , as well as the performance of this portfolio since

  6. An Aggressive Tax-Efficient Portfolio for Retirees


    Fri, 28 Feb 2014

    moderate portfolios, each of which devoted less than 50% to stocks, could provide. My aggressive tax-efficient model portfolio is for those of you who seek to be (or have time to be) more aggressive. It's appropriate for retirees and pre

  7. Planning for the Winding Down of the Bull Market


    Tue, 4 Feb 2014

    differences in age, risk tolerance, and even such factors as one’s prior personal investing experiences, my Model Portfolio allocations are meant to help investors decide whether it makes sense to maintain the perhaps typical allocation they

  8. if you think you have < 10 yrs left? Tie to Conserve More


    Fri, 24 Jan 2014

    A Conservative Model Portfolio for Retirees by Christine Benz still Holds true today.. portfolio is geared toward the latter type of retiree, and as such

  9. Is there anything one can do if employer's 401(k) plan choices and returns suck?


    Mon, 16 Dec 2013

    s not the case with me but on the flip side -- the account just isn't growing. A typical annual return from a model portfolio is about 4%; I know that's below what one should expect from a "professionally managed portfolio". Is there

  10. European Banks Aren't as Healthy as Investors Think


    Mon, 16 Dec 2013

    question, the Bank for International Settlements recently asked a sample of 15 global banks to run a hypothetical model portfolio through their risk-rating systems. The BIS found significant variation in outputs, some of which it attributed

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