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  1. Dividend stocks in an unstable market


    Thu, 17 Apr 2014

    emergencies with cash and then with bonds. (50 % of total $). Now I want to use my other $ (now cash) to invest in dividend stocks that are Buffett style -- forever. What looks good for either a rising or falling market, where I would buy on dips or

  2. My KISS Dividend Portfolio: 1st Quarter 2014 Update


    Tue, 15 Apr 2014

    environment to show the benefits of DGI. It was easy to have a good performance last year when the S&P was up over 30%, and dividend stocks in general performed very well. It was a "rising tide lifts all boats" environment. But this year, with such a rough

  3. Game Of Yields: 8% With Safety


    Sun, 13 Apr 2014

    central bankers (let's just call them central planners) have spurred a global chase for yield. Investors have bid up dividend stocks and government debt alike, pushing yields down in the process. As a result, mortgage real estate investment trusts

  4. This Undervalued High-Dividend Stock Is Beating The Market And Has 6 Straight Dividend Hikes


    Sat, 12 Apr 2014

    By Double Dividend Stocks : Looking for stable dividend stocks in this topsy-turvy 2014? Like many of the stocks in our recent articles , this week's focus stock is a high dividend stock, with good growth. What's more, it's beating the

  5. Tuttle Tactical Management Weekly Market Notes


    Thu, 10 Apr 2014

    sold our S&P 500, small-cap, and dividend stock positions at the recent highs and re-purchased our S&P 500 and dividend stocks yesterday at the recent lows. Income Strategies: We are currently positioned for stronger economic growth. Trend Aggregation

  6. Warren Buffett's top dividend stocks offer ideas for a defensive posture


    Tue, 8 Apr 2014

    Utility stocks are the only group that's been rising regularly in the recent selloff, but another group of stocks that might start to interest buyers:  Warren Buffett's top dividend yielding stocks from the Berkshire Hathaway ( BRK.A , BRK.B ) portfolio. Coca-Cola ( KO ) is a long-time Berkshire ...

  7. This New Undervalued High-Dividend Stock Will More Than Double Its Dividend In 2014


    Sat, 5 Apr 2014

    By Double Dividend Stocks : As we've done with some of our recent articles , we're focusing on a relatively new high dividend stock this week. This

  8. Tuttle Tactical Management Weekly Market Notes


    Wed, 2 Apr 2014

    counter trends. Positioning and Recent Moves We have been using the recent rally to sell our counter trend positions in Dividend Stocks , Small Caps, and the S&P 500. In our momentum positions we have moved some of our Small Cap positions into Mid Caps

  9. 3 Dividend Stocks You Can Hold Forever


    Tue, 1 Apr 2014

    By Efficient Alpha : With the S&P 500 back to making fresh highs on a five-year bull market, investors are rightly scared that a significant market correction might be on the way. Most are not naïve enough to think that they can time the market perfectly so I decided to look into stocks that ...

  10. Use The 14% Dip To Buy This High-Dividend Stock With Record Earnings Growth


    Sat, 29 Mar 2014

    By Double Dividend Stocks : Have you thought about tissue paper lately? Most likely you ..... mundane? However, even though it's not as sexy as some of the dividend stocks in our recent articles, this week's focus stock, Orchids Paper

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