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  1. Taxable account


    Fri, 12 Sep 2014

    Investing, Common Sense Investing, Common Sense of Mutual Funds (half done), and The Bogleheads Guide to investing. I have to give credit to the Bogleheads for stopping me from investing in a variable universal life policy from Ameriprise



    Wed, 10 Sep 2014

    I have not been able to get in for the past several hours. Ray

  3. Why the "active" vs "passive" definition matters


    Mon, 8 Sep 2014

    Hi Everyone. I tried to post this at the BogleHeads site where someone (a regular here) accused me of having an "agenda" (implying that I was doing something nefarious). That

  4. Separate T-C Accounts


    Sun, 7 Sep 2014

    the 'After Tax Investments' dollars that I earned prior to 1987? In the last week or so I read a post, either here or on Bogleheads , that I believe was about RMD's. The poster mentioned that pre-1987 contributions were not subject to the RMD rule because

  5. 11 Ways to Play Emerging Markets


    Wed, 27 Aug 2014

    emerging markets is that they periodically get good and cheap." The inimitable Bill Bernstein made that comment at one of the Bogleheads conferences several years ago, going on to say that the best time to buy into emerging markets is when they're on sale

  6. Nice Boglehead write up in Money...


    Tue, 19 Aug 2014 bogleheads / 40,000 registered members and growing over on

  7. "3 Smart Moves For Retirement Investors From The Bogleheads "


    Mon, 18 Aug 2014

    Bogleheads : I think you will enjoy today's article by Penny Wang featuring our latest Boglehead's Guide to Investing. bogleheads / Best wishes Taylor

  8. An Overlooked Vehicle for Retirement Savings


    Mon, 18 Aug 2014

    health-care expenditures aren't impeding your ability to contribute to other tax-sheltered retirement-savings vehicles. The Bogleheads site has a useful analysis on the question of whether to spend or save HSA assets. See More Articles by Christine Benz

  9. Vanguard tax evasion allegations


    Sun, 27 Jul 2014

    investor. The matter has recently been brought up and discussed, to a degree, at the Bogleheads site. Bob U.

  10. TREA and REITs in portfolio


    Tue, 22 Jul 2014

    Something I just read at bogleheads : http://www. bogleheads .org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=143109&sid=a0540cec0d0ad143caccb5cd99d76ec8&start=50 ... "Rick Ferri wrote about something he called "The Total Economy

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