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  1. How does one hedge against deflation?


    Mon, 20 Oct 2014

    If you don't have enough to worry about try this bogleheads .org theory forum thread; LINK . Ray

  2. Vanguard Rises The Wave Of Success


    Sun, 19 Oct 2014

    FYI Bogleheads : Regards, Ted

  3. Bauer-Ramazani v. TIAA-CREF settled


    Fri, 10 Oct 2014

    Interesting tidbit at Bogleheads : http://www. bogleheads .org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=148383&newpost=2220286

  4. Prep for Vanguard CFP review coming up


    Sat, 4 Oct 2014

    Hi Bogleheads , On Oct. 15 I have a review scheduled with a Vanguard CFP. My portfolio ..... Would entertain make changes there. I am looking for any ideas that Bogleheads might have in regards to changes to accomplish goals and to bounce off



    Wed, 24 Sep 2014

    Hello Bogleheads : It's been 40 years since Jack Bogle founded Vanguard. In that time period, Vanguard has grown from a tiny company of 28 employees

  6. Taxable account


    Fri, 12 Sep 2014

    Investing, Common Sense Investing, Common Sense of Mutual Funds (half done), and The Bogleheads Guide to investing. I have to give credit to the Bogleheads for stopping me from investing in a variable universal life policy from Ameriprise



    Wed, 10 Sep 2014

    I have not been able to get in for the past several hours. Ray

  8. Why the "active" vs "passive" definition matters


    Mon, 8 Sep 2014

    Hi Everyone. I tried to post this at the BogleHeads site where someone (a regular here) accused me of having an "agenda" (implying that I was doing something nefarious). That

  9. Separate T-C Accounts


    Sun, 7 Sep 2014

    the 'After Tax Investments' dollars that I earned prior to 1987? In the last week or so I read a post, either here or on Bogleheads , that I believe was about RMD's. The poster mentioned that pre-1987 contributions were not subject to the RMD rule because

  10. 11 Ways to Play Emerging Markets


    Wed, 27 Aug 2014

    emerging markets is that they periodically get good and cheap." The inimitable Bill Bernstein made that comment at one of the Bogleheads conferences several years ago, going on to say that the best time to buy into emerging markets is when they're on sale

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