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  1. A Continent of New Consumers


    Sat, 20 Dec 2014

    consumer categories. This is relevant in the alcohol category, where we've observed many ..... materials or reduce the presence of illicit alcohol , both of which have longer-term benefits ..... which represent 80% to 85% of the alcohol consumption in the region). Collectively

  2. Ultimate Stock-Pickers: Top Holdings of Top-Performing Managers


    Tue, 16 Dec 2014

    accordance with Islamic law, which prohibits it from owning stocks of companies that get more than 5% of their revenue from alcohol , tobacco, gambling, pornography, or pork products. It also prohibits the managers from owning many stocks in the Financial

  3. Modern Etiquette: Essential tips for the office party


    Mon, 15 Dec 2014

    America's holiday party plans, 96 percent of U.S. companies will host holiday parties this year, the highest percentage since 1997. Alcohol will be served at 72 percent of holiday parties and nearly a third of employees will behave badly.

  4. Oman council seeks ban on alcohol


    Thu, 11 Dec 2014

    DUBAI, Dec 11 (Reuters) - Oman's Shura council has voted to ban alcohol , an official of the advisory body said, a move that, if approved by the cabinet, would bring the sultanate in line with some...

  5. Lotteries: A Very Bad Bet


    Wed, 3 Dec 2014

    with the money and never paid any winners. Throughout the 19th century, religious groups lobbied to abolish slavery and ban alcohol and gambling. In response, many states passed laws forbidding various forms of gambling. After 1895, federal law prohibited

  6. Lars von Trier, breaking silence, worries he can't make films now he's sober


    Sat, 29 Nov 2014

    COPENHAGEN, Nov 29 (Reuters) - Danish director Lars von Trier fears he won't be able to make more films because he has quit drinking alcohol and no longer uses drugs.

  7. Venezuela says 13 inmates die of overdose after robbing infirmary ward


    Thu, 27 Nov 2014

    CARACAS, Nov 27 (Reuters) - Thirteen inmates have died after breaking into a Venezuelan jail's infirmary and ingesting medical products including antibiotics and pure alcohol in the latest outbreak of unrest in the country's turbulent prisons.

  8. UPDATE 1-Venezuela increases luxury taxes to bolster state coffers


    Wed, 19 Nov 2014

    CARACAS, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Venezuela will increase taxes on luxury goods, alcohol and tobacco to help shore up the government's finances, the top tax official said, as falling oil prices threaten the OPEC member's coffers.

  9. A way to address higher taxes and rising rates


    Mon, 29 Sep 2014

    do not see this as a problem in the slightest, as premium alcohol purveyors must constantly reinvest in marketing in order to ..... team that thoroughly understands the dynamics of the premium alcohol business and is focused on the long term, in our opinion

  10. Eastman Chemical to Buy Alkylamine Maker Taminco for $2.8 Billion; Fair Value Unchanged


    Thu, 11 Sep 2014

    of the overall cost of end-users' products (between 1% and 15%). Alkylamines are formed through the reaction of an alcohol with ammonia, and because transportation costs are high, markets are regional. Taminco's main competitors include DuPont

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