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  1. Fannie Mae Privileged Info Could Threaten Financial Markets: Sweeney


    Fri, 17 Oct 2014

    CFO review privileged documents because their disclosure could 'place the nation's financial markets in jeopardy' When Bruce Berkowitz 's Fairholme Funds brought in Fannie Mae / Federal National Mortgage Assctn Fnni Me ( OTCQB:FNMA ) former CFO Tim Howard

  2. Kudos To Judge Lamberth: Bubkis Hedge Fund Claims Against Freddie/Fannie Get Heave-Ho


    Fri, 3 Oct 2014

    David Stockman : During the last year or two a passel of crony capitalist hucksters led by hedge fund operatives Bruce Berkowitz and Bill Ackman have been attempting to pilfer upwards of $40 billion from US taxpayers via a raid on Fannie Mae

  3. Frannie Folly


    Fri, 3 Oct 2014

    lawsuits led by a "who's who" of hedge fund tycoons got tossed out in Federal district court. Wall Street titans such as Bruce Berkowitz , Carl Icahn , John Paulson , David Tepper, and Bill Ackman thought it was a good idea to buy the common and preferred

  4. Fannie Mae: What To Do After Yesterday's Massacre


    Thu, 2 Oct 2014

    be applied against Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's debt balance at Uncle Sam. Some shareholders like Perry Capital or Bruce Berkowitz 's Fairholme Capital Management brought suits against the government questioning the legality of the net sweep arrangement

  5. The Case For Fannie Mae: Unpacking The Motions For Summary Judgment


    Mon, 8 Sep 2014

    stock of Fannie Mae is hovering around $3.60 as of early September 2014. In addition to Pershing Square's investment, Bruce Berkowitz of Fairholme Capital and Carl Icahn have both reportedly taken positions in Fannie. Clearly, very successful investors

  6. Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac: The Bill Ackman Perspective And Huge Return Potential


    Sun, 7 Sep 2014

    nothing in the process: this is the crux of the hedge fund barrage of lawsuits levied at the Government as of late. Funds such as Richard Perry's Perry Capital and Bruce Berkowitz 's Fairholme Funds have large stakes Complete Story »

  7. Top 10 Buys and Sells by the Ultimate Stock-Pickers


    Wed, 3 Sep 2014

    AIG and Apple work their way up the list over time. AIG, in particular, had been a pariah for many fund managers until Bruce Berkowitz from Fairholme FAIRX started buying up the stock in the first half of 2010, with several of our other top managers following his lead in

  8. The Error-Proof Portfolio: 4 Bad Reasons to Sell a Fund


    Thu, 14 Aug 2014

    example. The concentrated fund's streak of winning performance following its inception at the end of 1999 earned manager Bruce Berkowitz Morningstar's Domestic Equity Fund Manager of the Decade honors for 2000-09. It also prompted a rush of asset inflows

  9. Top 10 Purchases and Sales from Our Ultimate Stock-Pickers


    Tue, 3 Jun 2014

    were selling, the managers at Vanguard PRIMECAP made the biggest move, completely eliminating their stake in the firm. Bruce Berkowitz at Fairholme FAIRX "> FAIRX also made a meaningful reduction in his Berkshire holdings, reducing his stake to less than

  10. Picks and Strategies to Navigate Today's Market

    Video Reports

    Mon, 7 Apr 2014

    There is such a wide variety of funds and a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. Let's take Fairholme Fund, the Bruce Berkowitz show. This is an old-fashioned fund in the sense that you've got a sole portfolio manager out there really just driving

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