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  1. Schwab Brokerage adds more commission-free ETFs


    Thu, 16 Oct 2014

    available. The last I remember, it was around 100. Added ones like ALPS Sector Dividend Dogs (SDOG, IDOG, EDOG) and WisdomTree Dividend Growths (DGRW, DGRS), which I've paid comms for in the past. Anyone know when they added them? Not a bad

  2. Alternative Beta Strategies: An Evaluation of Different Approaches


    Tue, 30 Sep 2014

    February, May, August, and November. WisdomTree LargeCap Dividend Index The WisdomTree LargeCap Dividend Index is a fundamentally ..... ranked by market capitalization from the WisdomTree Dividend Index. The index is dividend weighted

  3. Pimco probe may give minor boost rival asset managers says Citi


    Wed, 24 Sep 2014

    marginal and general industry pressure on fixed income likely looms more important. One who should escape heightened regulatory oversight is WisdomTree ( WETF +0.2% ) thanks to its minor fixed income business. Post your comment!

  4. 2014 Morningstar ETF Conference


    Wed, 24 Sep 2014

    traditional index, actively managed, and new strategic beta funds, says Schwab's Tony Davidow. Dispelling ETF Trading Myths WisdomTree 's David Abner's discusses how investors should think about volume, liquidity, market and limit orders. Alternative

  5. WisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund announces quarterly distribution of $1.2633


    Mon, 22 Sep 2014

    WisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund (NYSEARCA: DEM ) announces quarterly distribution of $1.2633. 30-day SEC yield of 3.90% (as of 09/19/2014). Payable Sept. 26; for shareholders of record Sept. 24; ex-div. Sept. 22. Post your comment!

  6. Update: Schwab Offers 6 WisdomTree ETFs To Online Traders With $0 Commissions


    Fri, 19 Sep 2014

    giving its online trading clients access to 6 WisdomTree (NASDAQ: WETF ) ETFs with no trading commissions. The funds include: The WisdomTree U. S. Dividend Growth Fund (NASDAQ: DGRW ) The WisdomTree U. S. Small Cap Dividend Growth Fund

  7. Schwab adds 60 funds to commission-free ETF offering


    Thu, 18 Sep 2014

    ETFs from 13 different fund companies to choose from with no online trade commission. Among those now part of the program is WisdomTree ( WETF +2.8% ), whose DGRW , DGRS , DGRE , IHDG , DRW , and WDTI will be available commission-free (online) to Schwab

  8. From Barron’s, May 19, 2014 (Part 1)


    Sat, 17 May 2014

    10-yr rolling return data are presented; he favors dividend-paying stocks for the next 2-3 years [ he is a consultant to WisdomTree ]. The mid-cap aerospace products manufacturer Triumph Group [ TGI ] is attractive now; activist Alexander Roepers of

  9. From Barron’s, ETF Roundtable, May 12, 2014


    Sat, 10 May 2014

    Alliance], Fran Rodilosso [Van Eck], Luciano Siracusano [ WisdomTree ], Chris Brightman [Research Affiliates], Maz Jadallah ..... strategic beta, etc. According to a lawsuit settled in 2012, WisdomTree will only develop ETFs based on 1 or 2 factors [dividends

  10. A Conservative 3-Bucket ETF Portfolio for Retirees


    Thu, 3 Apr 2014

    Commodity Index Tracking DBC "> DBC $25,000 (3.33%): SPDR Barclays High Yield Bond JNK "> JNK $25,000 (3.33%): WisdomTree Emerging Markets Local Debt ELD "> ELD Adjustments: None The growth engine of the portfolio, bucket 3 is anchored with

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