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    1. CEF Fair Value


      Thu, 19 Mar 2015

      NAV + D)) - D Here's an example for PML using 11/31/2014 financials, recent ..... This is because, despite fund expenses, PML has lower leverage costs than the investor ..... calculate that by setting RD to zero. In the PML example above, it is $9.52 or a -23

    2. Need some help to provide income in retirement soon.


      Sun, 1 Mar 2015

      $550,000.00 to invest in an income producing portfolio. Currently I have ~ $30,000.00 each in PML , NEV, EIV and KTF. Also I have $15,000.00 in FDMMX tax free muni in Massachusetts. I would like to invest the rest of

    3. Current CEF Holdings-March


      Sun, 1 Mar 2015

      By order of size in each category Taxable debt: PDI, PCI 2% of portfolio value Munis: PML , EIM, KTF, NEV, PMF, PMX, EIV 22% of pv Equity: UTF, HQL, RQI, HQH, RNP, IGR, PEO 16% of pv Overall portfolio allocation: 25% debt, 75% equity 0% cash

    4. What's happening?


      Tue, 17 Feb 2015

      PML , EIV and NEV way down. Any reason for the drop?

    5. Updating Watch List -- Hmmmm....


      Sun, 8 Feb 2015

      looking at candidate muni replacements for sold muni CEFs NEV, PML , and VKI. Feeling pretty foolish. Turns out I wasn't watching ..... CEFs are failing to earn their distributions. Suddeny NEV and PML look prett good and VKI/VGM look a bit iffy on coverage. Further

    6. Bond (+more) mini stress


      Sat, 7 Feb 2015

      BERIX 0.8 1.0 5.1 ? PGDIX 0.6 1.1 7.1 4.3 Global CEFs PDI -1.35 -2.05 11.6 3.85 Global (close to PIMIX) PML -2.5 5.0 15.4 11.1 ? Munis PKO 1.3 0.6 -1.1 3.65 Other PFORX -0.5 1.5 11.5 7.3 Global USD hedged Manage

    7. Current CEF Holdings-Feb


      Sun, 1 Feb 2015

      In each category, listed by size of holding: Taxable debt: PDI, PCI, PKO - 3% fportfolio value Munis: PML , EIM, KTF, NEV, PMF, PMX, EIV -24% of pv Equity: UTF, HQL, RQI, HQH, RNP, PEO, BTO, IGR -17% of pv Notes: Portfolio

    8. muni cef break out


      Fri, 30 Jan 2015

      My guess that muni cef's were breaking out came to fruition. Looking to trim some positions in pml , mqt, mui. Any ideas what to roll it over into, or just sit on cash for awhile?

    9. NEV


      Tue, 27 Jan 2015

      of dividends.Other muni CEF's are also rising, especially PML . VKI is up but not as much. I also own those two. Sentiment ..... the money after the sale. I don't think I would redeploy in PML or VKI at current prices. The only reason I am selling (maybe

    10. Check my understanding - muni earned income, re PML


      Wed, 21 Jan 2015

      From the PIMCO website for PML (except I added the dates): PML , NII = $0.47, UNII= $0.47(1), Distribution ..... difference between six mo average and current. CEFConnect has PML underearning as of 5/31/2014. Comments appreciated

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