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  1. Why HY Muni OEF?


    Sun, 13 Apr 2014

    everything in 1/2014) So why invest in HY Muni ? · Munis in general have tax advantage and ..... look at history PHMIX -I always look at Pimco . The fund has the lowest duration, very small AUM=356 million (tiny for Pimco ), low ER=0.55%. You can buy PYMDX ..... Nuveen shop has tone of experience and deep Muni bench. The fund is the riskiest but if

  2. Ready Your Portfolio for Retirement

    Video Reports

    Sat, 12 Apr 2014

    Harbor Bond, which is a [TICKER:PTTRX] PIMCO Total Return clone that is a no-load ..... someone who had not a lot of in-state muni choices, and maybe they live in a state ..... look that great. But how to think about muni investing in general and where that might

    PIMCO found at 21:00

    core fixed income. Here we are using [TICKER:HAINX] Harbor Bond, which is a [TICKER:PTTRX] PIMCO Total Return clone that is a no-load fund. And then we've also got a little bit of inflation protection. Incidentally, I changed
  3. Picks and Strategies to Navigate Today's Market

    Video Reports

    Mon, 7 Apr 2014

    ll have a fund like [TICKER:PUBAX] PIMCO Unconstrained that has much more flexibility ..... had a very high profile situation with PIMCO , with Mohamed El-Erian's departure ..... Stewardship Grade and Parent Pillar on PIMCO and on some of these concerns. When you

    MUNI found at 18:19

    all your bonds, but maybe be conservative. A fund like Fidelity Intermediate Muni : because munis have had a little rough go of it, so they are still relatively attractive, and intermediate just because it has
  4. Bill Gross Invests His Personal Money In Mortgages


    Fri, 28 Mar 2014

    4 million of his personal money in two Pimco closed-end bond funds this year. One of the funds purchased is Pimco California Muni Income Fund II ( PCK ), a California ..... There have also been two purchases of Pimco Dynamic Income Fund, a multi-sector taxable

  5. Mind the Gap 2014


    Thu, 27 Feb 2014

    the typical investor really fared. We then asset-weight investor returns. After all, $20 billion moving in or out of PIMCO Total Return PTTRX should count for more than $200,000 moving in or out of Beech Hill Total Return BHTAX. Over the past ..... gaps. But even relatively sedate bond funds suffered big gaps. Taxable-bond investors had a 2.2% annualized gap and muni investors a 1.9% gap. United States equity funds had the smallest gap of 1.6%, meaning investors got the best returns

  6. Will Tailwinds Keep Vanguard on Course?

    Video Reports

    Sat, 22 Feb 2014

    single-state categories. But even looking at Vanguard's muni -national funds, short duration, intermediate term and long ..... s actively managed funds, just like with American funds and PIMCO funds, are really seeing redemptions of their own. Benz

    MUNI found at 2:49

    that includes some of those single-state categories. But even looking at Vanguard's muni -national funds, short duration, intermediate term and long term, they all did pretty well. On the taxable side, it really was a struggle.
  7. Top Bond-Fund Picks for Retirees

    Video Reports

    Mon, 17 Feb 2014

    Manager of the Year, [TICKER:PONAX] PIMCO Income. I don't want to oversell how ..... Mark Hudoff; they're both veterans of PIMCO . They went out, left PIMCO , and set up their own fund at Hotchkis ..... always tops your list when we're talking muni funds; let's talk about some specific

    MUNI found at 11:01, 11:53

    a lot. I know Fidelity always tops your list when we're talking muni funds; let's talk about some specific funds that you like from Fidelity. Jacobson: I also want to caution people: When you look
    a Fidelity fund that sticks with intermediate-term bonds. Let's talk about that muni fund. Jacobson: That's [TICKER:FLTMX] Fidelity Intermediate Municipal Income, and that's really the main issue, is that you get all the same skill and strategy that you do with the rest of the Fidelity muni team, but it's going to be benchmarked a little bit more toward the intermediate part of the maturity spectrum. Benz: Moving beyond Fidelity, there are a couple of other funds and shops that you like. DWS is one for people who work with a financial advisor; there's a muni fund that you like quite a bit from that group. Jacobson: Right. [TICKER:SMLAX] DWS Managed Municipal Bonds. Phil Condon is the lead manager.
  8. Risk-On Mode Continues Into New Year

    Video Reports

    Thu, 13 Feb 2014

    core bond funds." [TICKER:PTTRX] PIMCO Total Return was out of the window. And ..... right. Benz: Mike, you have touched on PIMCO 's travails that it's been seeing big outflows from the core [TICKER:PTTRX] PIMCO Total Return product. Let's talk about

    MUNI found at 1:24

    strong flows. Even into categories that were pretty unloved last year, like muni bonds. Rawson: Yes, everything pretty much had inflows except for commodities. So, municipal bonds had, I think, their first inflow in about
  9. Munis and TIPS Beckon


    Thu, 13 Feb 2014

    structures and tread carefully in the muni market's diciest names. As expected, Fidelity's muni funds held up relatively well during the ..... relatively conservative exposure to the muni market at rock-bottom prices through ..... here are Harbor Real Return HARRX and PIMCO Real Return PRRDX, Both Gold-rated

  10. Advice on CA Muni CEFs


    Tue, 11 Feb 2014

    Am I missing anything here?? The Pimco funds below are trading at premiums ..... VCV: Invesco CA Value Muni Common Discount: -6.46% AUM: $568M ..... NBW: Neuberger Berman CA Inter Muni Common Discount: 0% AUM: Only $81M ..... NUC: Nuveen CA Quality Income Muni Common Discount: -1.55% AUM: $337M ..... PCQ: PIMCO CA Municipal Income Common Discount

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