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  1. OIGCX Oppenheimer International Growth C Fund Analysis, Report, Research, 5 Star Rating – Morningstar

    Fund Reports

    Thu, 7 Jan 2010

    used the same basic strategy since he started.Reasonably priced.Leverages the thinking of Oppenheimer's talented global equity team.Gives investors market-cap diversification and some emerging-markets exposure.George Evans has been the fund's manager since its inception in March ..... since its inception in March 1996 and has managed international accounts at Oppenheimer Funds since 1991. When Bill Wilby, longtime manager of Oppenheimer Global OPPAX, stepped down, Evans assumed more management duties on Oppenheimer's global equity team. That team boasts several experienced and talented investors, including Frank Jennings and Rajeev Bhaman.USAOIGAXCore. Although the fund owns healthy ..... the portfolio contains some richly priced names. Evans generally doesn't hedge currencies. Oppenheimer levies redemption fees and uses fair-value pricing on an as-needed basis.

  2. OIMBX Oppenheimer Limited Term Municipal B Fund Analysis, Report, Research, 5 Star Rating – Morningstar

    Fund Reports

    Wed, 30 Dec 2009

    to high volatility and losses.Strong performance under current management.Experienced management.Ron Fielding, head of Oppenheimer's municipal-bond team, retired in May 2009, leaving 16-year firm veteran Dan Loughran as his successor. There are six portfolio managers and nine credit ..... more conservative portfolio construction than either of its high-yield muni siblings from Oppenheimer. Still, management won't hesitate to overweight certain sectors it believes offer the most attractive risk/reward characteristics.This fund must store 95% of its ..... makes it tamer than most other high-yield municipal-bond funds and the other offerings in the Oppenheimer Rochester municipal lineup, which have longer average maturities and more exposure to low-quality debt. Nonetheless, the fund still has considerable risks with big bets

  3. OTFBX Oppenheimer AMT-Free Municipals B Fund Analysis, Report, Research, 5 Star Rating – Morningstar

    Fund Reports

    Wed, 30 Dec 2009

    fund, which he's run since January 2005. The Rochester team also runs other Oppenheimer muni funds, including Rochester Fund Municipals RMUNX and Oppenheimer Limited Term New York Municipal LTNYX.USAOPTAXSupporting Player. This fund's large stake in lower-rated bonds and hefty holdings in inverse floating-rate notes make ..... one's muni portfolio.SupportingLead manager Troy Willis works within the investing framework of Oppenheimer's tax-free investing team, led by Dan Loughran. Willis employs a high-income focus and is supported by a team with a reputation for ..... Oppenheimer AMT-Free Municipals' boldness leaves it open to extremes.

  4. New Morningstar Analyst Report - Apple, Inc.

    Stock Reports

    Thu, 21 Jan 2010

    Cook is COO, having come to Apple from Compaq in 1998. Peter Oppenheimer is CFO and has been with the company since 1996. Nevertheless, Jobs is irreplaceable, and his departure would have a detrimental long-term

  5. OMSOX Oppenheimer Main St Opportunity A Fund Analysis, Report, Research, 5 Star Rating – Morningstar

    Fund Reports

    Mon, 5 Oct 2009

    a 12-person team of analysts and managers who moved with him to Oppenheimer; one of them, Anthony Gennaro, is his comanager on this fund.USAOMSOXSupporting PlayerSupportingMani Govil, formerly of RS Large Cap Alpha, is taking over this ..... successful in the past. This is the all-cap version of the large-cap Oppenheimer Main Street.This fund's new lead manager, Mani Govil, employs a strategy that combines quantitative and fundamental analysis. After narrowing down the fund's ..... from across the market-cap spectrum rather than mainly large caps as in Oppenheimer Main Street.

  1. Oppenheimer loses bid to collect $30 mln from Deutsche Bank


    Wed, 14 Jan 2015

    * Brokerage firm claimed reliance on German bank in sale of auction-rate securities

  2. 27 Contrarian Investment Ideas for 2015 and Beyond


    Wed, 14 Jan 2015

    Market Vectors offering, but it's also more concentrated in its top holdings. For the Active-Management Aficionado: Oppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals OPGSX is Morningstar's top pick among actively managed precious-metals equity funds, featuring

  3. A Russian Reminder


    Mon, 29 Dec 2014

    PIMCO Global Advantage Strategy Bond PSAIX, Templeton Global Total Return TGTRX, Templeton Global Bond TPINX, and Oppenheimer International Bond OIBIX--held 3% or less in Russia. Stakes in other emerging markets, which were hit as well during

  4. 401k election help


    Mon, 15 Dec 2014

    that being said, I changed my elections with the 401k at Lincoln financial as follows: MFS Reseach Intnatl SA2Q - 15% Oppenheimer Dvlping Mrkts SA3D - 10% Delaware Small Cap Core SA2C - 25% AmerFunds Wash Mutual Inv SA1U - 25% Fidelity Mid Cap SA2H

  5. How to Spot a Bad Bond Fund


    Thu, 11 Dec 2014

    and some did it with derivatives that caused even more trouble than managers expected when the sector began selling off. Oppenheimer Core Bond OPIGX had other bets that went sour that year, but its CMBS bet was so big that it took what was supposed to be

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