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  1. How are you guys hanging in there?


    Mon, 15 Dec 2014

    sell activity (except a few) on the buy / sell thread. Looks like most people are hanging on to their PIMCO funds, MLP ( KYN , KMF) etc. I am down close to 3% in the past 10 days. YTD up around 8 to 9 %. Not sure, if this an opportunity to add

  2. Current Holdings -- December


    Sat, 6 Dec 2014

    MLPs, individual as well as CEFs ( 14% of total portfolio): APU (individual), KMI (general partner), KED, NTG, KYN , KMF, KYE, PAGP (initiated this position) (other recent changes in this category -- none) Multi-Sector Bonds ( 9

  3. KYN ,KMF


    Mon, 1 Dec 2014

    Is now a good time to add ?

  4. What impact will KMI have on closed end funds?


    Thu, 20 Nov 2014

    I own KMF and KYN

  5. CEFs with increasing dividends every year. - Is there a source?


    Sun, 9 Nov 2014

    do every year. Just by doing some adhoc searching I found these funds have increased there dividend distribution every year: H&Q Life Sciences Investors ( HQL ) Tekla Healthcare Investors Comm ( HQH ) Kayne Anderson MLP Investment C ( KYN )

  6. jmlp


    Thu, 30 Oct 2014

    on JMLP, your purchase from a few days ago: Can you elaborate on your evaluation of this MLP CEF vs. others? I already own KYN , liked how it held up during the recent swoon. I was thinking JMLP would be a good complement, in terms of small/mid MLPs

  7. Why are Kayne Anderson MLPs so popular


    Sat, 25 Oct 2014

    Kayne Anderson NAVs are usually stale. Based on a rough approx. for 10/24 NAVs, KYE and KYN are at 7-8% premiums and KED and KMF are at 0 premiums. Why is this family so popular? Peter

  8. What;s up with TYG ?


    Tue, 21 Oct 2014

    TYG, especially since its very similar to KYN . The discount widened out around the merger ..... then it traded with a similar premium to KYN , both around 10 percent around the end ..... funds have similar YTD NAV performance .. KYN at 19%, TYG ar 22%. As of today KYN

  9. Why has Morningstar dropped analyst coverage of KYN


    Mon, 13 Oct 2014

    I am very disappointed that analyst coverage of KYN appears to have been dropped. Based on discussions / posts this seems like a CEF that is tracked by many. Why was this stopped? I would really like to see KYN coverage again.

  10. KMR, KYN , KMF


    Fri, 10 Oct 2014

    Any thoughts on adding to today?

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